The latest state in (the restaurant) Banquet


During the whole summer period, the workers from the restaurant Banquet and their solidarity committee continued their mobilization with pickets, demonstrations, a live concert and public kitchen outside of the business.


The employer not only remained firm at his position, keeping the business suspended, continuing his efforts to eliminate his employees financially. But in beginning of August he announced that he makes new dismissals, with the excuse of the fact that he doesn't want specific employees to go back to work.


The attempt to ruin the workers economically failed, thanks to the practical solidarity from workers, youngsters, unions and the food supply workers and after the employees were supported financially by the solidarity committee's campaign.


From Monday 8/16th and on the employer aims to open the restaurant and to put the tables and chairs outside, since it is the period before ΔΕΘ (International Fair of Thessaloniki) starts, a period which is traditionally profitable for the specific company and the city. Until now no one from the 8 workers, who were fired and participated in the struggle, has been informed, unlike the other workers, who have helped to prepare the reopening of the business.


We are calling for a new solidarity committee in order to prepare new protests for Friday 8/20th at 7 pm at the Labor Center of Thessaloniki.

Some background information about the labor conflict in the restaurant 'Banquet' can be found here: