Tonino Libero! - you'll never walk alone.

In Naples, Italy, the first of May the police allows a group of fascists to approach the yearly “labour day’s demonstration”. The fascists starts right away provoking and threatening. The comrades react and push them away. One fascist takes refuge in a shop, a fight bursts and he gets out of the shop bloody and wounded.


Few months after the police arrests two people. One of them is Tonino. Our comrade and brother. We do not care of judging the comrades’ activity. We do not look for understanding the exact dynamics of the events before choosing which side to stand for. We do not make inquires. One thing is, though, clear: Tonino is in jail for what he represents. For having always been in the forefront fighting for environmental causes, antifascism and against the repression of the state.


Guilty or innocent are categories which do not belong to us.


The aim of this blog is to put together and coordinate each solidarity event or demonstration to Tonino.


Just few words.

A brother in the hands of the enemy.

A jail. Us.

And the rest has the smell of the street.