[Berlin] Interkiezionale Demonstration for the Termination of the Peace with the Rich and Powerful

Wir tanzen den Trümmertango auf den Trümmern der modernen Zeit
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Fight CG-Gruppe , Attack G20 , Defend threatened Projects
The humanity and what has been defining the neighbourhoods is ultimately and irrevocably getting lost in the development of Berlins living and dwelling situation. The years of pushing back against the sell out of our habitat were not without small achievements but the general frenzy is ploughing on through the city.

The long overdue insurgence, one which goes beyond what is accepted as protests and violently intervenes against capitalist logic and it’s beneficiaries, remains absent. The wish to destroy the capitalist order keeps growing in many of us.


The last year already saw two neighbourhood demos in Friedrichshain , each time several thousand people came together and set an example for the support of rebellious projects. There have been continual attacks against the city of the rich in parallel, not only in Berlin. We're now planning the third and maybe last orderly demonstration from Rigaer Straße. We call all those that are in favour of an uprising against party politics and monetary interests and want to fight for freedom and autonomy, to join us

Fight CG-Gruppe - obliterate new hotel-developments

Demonstrations and other actions against the new developments on Rigaer Straße between Voigtstraße and Samariterstraße have been happening for a year now. The commencement of work for CG-Gruppe is stumbling a bit but in the mean time the LIDL across the road was demolished and the construction work for new hotels has started there. What's in store for the Kiez (local term for the close neighbourhood, its community and structures) is becoming clearer: the residential area around Rigaer Straße is meant to cede to a vibrant neighbourhood à la Simon-Dach Straße. They want our full touristic and commercial exploitation.
We are just scrap in that plan

Chasing out , obliterating, preventing: this Is the vocabulary of our deepest desires

but we don’t have any other choice. Those living under the illusion a compromise for Berlin could be found – have lost their marbles . Let us be realistic, if we don’t find a weapon that can stop this development now, we will keep losing ground.

We’ll live scattered all over the city and won’t even have to think about gentrification, because everything is already sold.

What is needed now is creativity , a readiness to take risks and coordination between militant actions and public kiez-initiatives – more boring, meandering walking demos will not bring us forward.


That is why this demo should be a motivation for us and others, to force people like Christoph Gröner of CG-Gruppe , constructions and investment firms and institutions like the police and political parties to PRACTICAL responsibility.


Attack G20 – bring Kiez struggles to Hamburg


Gentrification and repression are not isolated from worldwide struggles. All over the world people are robbed of their habitat and their social and cultural context. Be it Peru, Brazil, France or China, where people are subjected to the callous lunacy of super projects, being displaced and treated like commodities.


Here a mine, there a giant airport or Olympics or here a super-city supposed to serve capitalist interests with no ifs, ands or buts.

The response to resistance ranges from brutal repression to bribery. The same logic of exploitation not only applies to people but also to nature and the whole globe. The 20 strongest states of the world meet in July for the G20 summit to perfect this logic. In the past, summits like this were also summits of resistance. This year it’s time again, a meeting of all those that want to bring their rage against the prevailing order onto the streets is announcing itself. We don’t want to be just onlookers, but properly stir it up. There are already call outs to bring the neighbourhood struggles to the Elbe-city. It’s hard to bring this concept into practise as most people don’t want to realize the connection between neighbourhood struggles and the struggles world wide. This demonstration should advertise for those to come to Hamburg that feel exploited and oppressed by city politics and get involved in elevating the tension in the run-up to the summit.


Defend threatened projects – decentralized and mass resistance on Day X


Like Rigaer94 and Rigaer as a whole, several other projects and people in Berlin are threatened by getting evicted and being destroyed. Especially Neuköllns Kiezladen Friedel54, has developed a potential for setting an aspirational example for the resistance.

Users of the shop have not been paying rent for several months after permanent threats from the corporate owner. Now the threat of eviction comes from the same party politics that have permanently attempted to portray itself as social but engages in violent displacement for years.


If there will be a new escalation by politicians or police like in the previous year, they can expect plenty of stress.


No matter whether it's the commencemnt of building from CG-Gruppe, eviction of Rigaer94 or Friedel: our answer is a mix of mass actions and decentralized Day X actions.


When our lives are destroyed, there will be "TRÜMMERTANGO" (dance of the debris)



Interkiezionale demonstration for the termination of the peace with the rich and powerful

22. April 2017 // 20 Uhr // Eldenaer Straße Ecke Proskauer Straße

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22. April 2017 // 20:00 // the corner of Eldenaerstr and Proskauerstr

Also in the week after the demo is playtime: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/209683