[B] Attack in the Wrangekiez

Now already more then a month ago, in the nigth from the 27th to the 28th of January a attack on Black and/or People of Color happened at the corner Wrangelstr./ Falkensteinstr. (infront of a backery)


Reported to us, was that 20 up to 40 People came by black cars, step out of the cars and injured at least one Person seriously. The Attackers hat uncovered faces and ware "identifed" as members of "the turkish comunity". Because of the organized arising of them, the assumption suggests itself that they were turkish nationalist and/or fascists (Bozkurtlar). Cops have been there as well, but didn't do any action.

There was a second attack like that a few day later, very similar.

We will stay tuned to this topic and we will continue to research for further details. And we want to make interviewees with affected persons to publish them. This as a Minimum.


Be aware about potential further attacks!

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