Berlin: Paint bomb attack against luxury buildings

Schwarzer Klecks
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In the night from 31.12 to 01.01 we attacked two buildings with color bombs in Prenzlauer Berg: ‘Schönhauser Allee 23’ and ‘Palais Kolle Belle’. ‘Exclusive properties’ with luxury facilities for exorbitant prices: These two properties are part of an ever-tightening gentrification process. This is why they were the target of our attack. We do not accept a city with luxury condominiums for the rich classes at every corner while the unemployed, refugees and precarious workers are pushed to the outskirts of the city. We do not accept a city in which housing is organized according to the capitalist logic of exploitation and not according to the needs of the people living here.

We decided on this night to express our solidarity with the ‘New Year’s Eve to prison’ demonstrations. We send greetings to Thunfisch, Gülafeit, Ali, Cem, Balu and all other people sitting in the state’s prisons because of their struggle against exploitative, racist, sexist or colonial conditions.

We also want to call for intensified actions in the run-up to the G20 summit. Here are a few instructions for making color bombs:

–  Buy ‘Christmas tree balls’ that are not made of plastic, suitable funnels, bitumen or varnishes (naturally without using a credit / ATM card and don’t buy too much at once) in the post Christmas season.
–  Then at home, take off the lids using gloves and use the funnel to pour the bitumen or varnish inside.
–  Put the lids back on and seal them using wax or tape
– Securely package for transporting and then throw them at the target once the respective site is reached.

The advantage of this particular method is that the balls always break when they hit the target and are very quiet.

In this sense: On to new actions!

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