Train sabotage by Piromane against RWE

lone wolfs

On the night of the 5th of january I paid a visit to the hambach open cast browncoal mine close to Aachen. My goal was to destroy the railroad tracks with a load of thermite i stole from an other industrial company.


Thermite burns around 2500 degrees celcius and the steel of the tracks melts around 1500 degrees celcius so the thermite does a lot of damage when ignited properly.

I chose the location so it would hurt them most, at the part whare the train can switch to the other track since this part is one of a kind and they have to make a new one on site.When i got there i setted everything up after checking the target and my escape root, the termite i put in 2 plant pots with hole in the bottom to guide the molten mixture to the right place. The stuff is easy to ignite with sparklers which you can get anywhere around new years but to be sure it all goes up i put around 20 in each spot. I placed the devices and set it ablaze, just in the moment i lighted the 2nd one i saw the hadlichts of an train comming my way. I had plenty of time to get some space between me and the molten mixture and watch the train driving into one of the pots. The tracks and front weel was covered in the burning thermite and making a repetetive noise of the wheels hitting the damaged spot.

After one last look at this spectacle i got my ass out of there.


Piromane against RWE.

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imagen this stuff would be burned just earlier, did you expect a total gap into the railways?


if so, why did you want to create sutch terrorist character? anti CASTOR actions where made more save for everyone. the driver of this fucked up loaded could be fucking injured! it seemed that you ignored to messure when trains would come though.


your action is understandable but realisticly this is a level that is pretty close to blow up bridges during a war.


a different scenario like doing the same but blocade the railways before which wood that could be set on fire would do the same message but in a possition of: i hate your business but i do not threaten the life of your employees. fuck, statisticly every traindriver gets involved into trouble of people who commit suicide by jumping before a train. you do not need to stress out them!


counter-thesis: your action was not as bad, so why did you do it than?


i am fucking afraid of the reality of capitalist destruction / mutation by industrial pollution of our world / all our lifes, i think that resistance is fucking impotant but with this i am not realy happy. it seems like a little bit to cool and actionlike. can it be that this is a fucking honeypot to spot new people? is there any news other people could read out on police twitter accounts?


why did you not the even discribe your action more exact, "close to aachen" can be anything.


was the railway only in use for the transport from the coalmine to a place to storage or did it go public?


why the description of the arson is more important than most other issues?

"my goal was to destroy the railroad tracks"...


if greek militants through molotovs in the direction of cops, the pigs have mostly a fucking choice, to step 2 metres beside, but what if kids idealise your action and think that it is not important to think about consequences of people being directly involved. you could escape, think about that, i hope the trains was not to fast. you are not laurence of arabia!


or... are you just a spy who wants to animate? problem is that since 1 or 2 years german surveillance intelligence is allowed to commit crime that are considered as "typically" for the suspected scene. what i learned from cases in this shitty country is that undercover cops where dominant, involved and not realy deep into theory.


sorry to say, you where / are up to risk years of prison and set example for many others with this chemistry. please do not only expect hurrays.


i am tired of this big lack of education in the scene. it can not be that we accept behaviour like in hollywood movies where you let things explode but without consequences for the victims. this just turns into blind agression that is fixated on the hero of the plot with his victory. our militance should differ from the machobehaviour of cops and soldiers: "After one last look at this spectacle i got my ass out of there."


again: if i say this or not people will continue with sabotage against companies like this. if you do not act in groups who you wanna reflect your acting and maybe stop them if you are just an other "steppenwolf"? it is your fucking task to distinguish between RWE and the driver of the train! at least i understand a kind of maybe maybe-not outspoken consensus of german militants.


you could fucking hurt or kill this traindriver and fuck, how could this person everever speak with you??? it is not cool to do this job but ...


did you ever thought about the time / range it would take to just stop a loaded train?

did you ever saw a fucking video of crash test dummies with just 15 or 30 km/h?


i guess it was dark when it happened.