Feminist Resistance - organized against G20

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On the 7th and 8th of July 2017 the representatives of the twenty most important industrial and emerging countries meet for the summit of the G20. This time Germany is the host and wants to shape a globalization to the alleged advantage of everybody. As well on the agenda appears the promotion of women*. This suggests that the G20 have an interest to abolish patriarchal means of oppression.

But this is not the case. At the summit agreements are made that serve solely to enforce interests of power and to solidify dominion.
The global conditions are characterized by different terms of exploitation and suppression, e.g. capitalism, patriarchy, neocolonialism, racism, ... At the same time these don ́t just stand side by side, but depend on and strengthen each other. Discrimination and suppression of FLTI* (women, lesbians, trans and intersex-persons) is no exception but an consistent instrument of dominion. Because the G20 want to maintain these conditions they also stand for the structural discrimination of flti*.
We want a really gender-liberated society, where a just distribution of goods, respect for all living creatures and for nature and a loving contact with each other are self-evident.
For us feminism is an existential part of the fight against the established conditions, therefore it cannot be separated from anti-capitalist or anti-racist fights. To make feminist and anti-patriarchal fights against the G20 visible, we want to organise ourselves.
We met the first time at the conference against G20 at the beginning of December and now want to become more. Therefore we invite all flti* to develop feminist perspectives against G20 together and to organise ourselves.

We invite to a first open meeting
on the 22nd of January 2017, starts 13 h in LIZ
(Karolinenstr. 21a, Hamburg)
contact: feminists-against-g20@riseup.net