Importance of Anti-Facist Action in Small Towns

Anti-fascist Crewe

The majority of anti-fascist groups in the UK appear to be mostly based in large cities such as London, Manchester, Nottingham etc. While we were trying to organise and connect with other anti-fascists within Crewe, we have found difficulty in doing so as other AF groups are unaware of anyone in and near the area who are active.


While less populated areas may seem to be less of a threat due to less potential for spread and growth of fascist ideology, the lack of active anti-fascism in these areas can be dangerous. Without monitoring, this gives fascism a location in which it can grow and organise unnoticed.


Specific to Crewe, our concerns came from seeing fascist graffiti and stickers in parts around the town centre, the train station and residential areas. It is clear that there is an active fascist presence within Crewe. This poses a threat to the noticeable Asian and Polish population living within Crewe.


Aside from the fascist propaganda plastered around the area, Crewe is also not completely unsafe from violent crime. This is shown from the recent stabbing on 31st August 2016 ( This incident happened on the road where we had found a Celtic cross, WW2 Polish partisan symbol and crossed out hammer and sickle spray painted on the side of a house wall. While we can not provide evidence connecting the murder to fascist motivations, it proves that the areas which fascists are currently active are at risk of violent crime.


While we may not be able to simply boost anti-fascist numbers overnight or gather anti-fascists from around the country easily, we can monitor and keep ourselves updated to ensure that fascism does not grow into a larger issue than it already is within Crewe and that we can shut down any potential organising.


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