Bass against right-wing populists - January 20th, 2017 - 7o'clock pm (19:00) - Central Station Koblenz

Rechtspopulismus wegbassen

The night before the ultra-nationalist European party conglomerate (ENF) meets in Koblenz, we will rise togheter, gathering at Koblenz central station and then carry a loud and colorful as well as bass-determined dancing-demonstration through Koblenz.

All activists wanting to participate in the protests against the ENF are strongly advised to be present at this event the night before so we can plan and carry out a meaningful protest.

We will be colorful and glamorous the night before, so make sure to bring glitter and colorful clothes beside your normal gear.

We will organize beds and places to stay for the night, please make sure to inform us about the needed sleeping-places and with how many persons you will arrive for the protest. For this matter and other logistical information, please turn to

No pasaran - Let's fight ALL european fascists - together!