Finland: Olkiluoto Blockade


Two weeks ago the Finnish Minister of Economy recommend to the parliament to give permission for two additional nuclear power plants (NPP), this was confirmed on Thursday by the Finnish cabinet.  The proposed permits would be granted to TVO in Olkiluoto and to Fennovoima (led by the German company EON) at an uncertain place in Northern Finland. The anti-nuclear movement's answer is to publicly call for a blockade of the Olkiluoto NPP on Saturday August 28, a few days before the parliament starts to work again after the summer break.


Finnish Government Wants More Nuclear Power - Our Answer:
Peaceful Blockade of Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant on August 28

Today five anti-nuclear groups launched the call-out for a blockade of the Olkiluoto NPP in the Eurajoki region close to Rauma on August 28, 2010. "Nuclear power is dangerous, polluting, unsustainable, expensive and leaves a deadly legacy of nuclear waste which there are no verifiably safe methods to deal with. We cannot simply stand idly by while politicians and the nuclear industry gamble away all our futures. On 28 August we will blockade the roads to the Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant with a colourful range of actions - sitting in the road we will use our bodies to peacefully resist nuclear power.", the activists say.

The networks and organizations already supporting the call-out are Nuclear Free Finland (NUFF), Maan ystävät, Kvinnor mot atomkraft/Naiset atomivoimaa vastaan, Kvinnor for fred/Naiset rauhan puolesta and Aktionsgruppen för ett atomkraftsfritt Åland. During the next weeks further anti-nuclear and environmental organizations will join the action. Finnish activists also ask for international support for this symbolic action: "When globally operating companies try to abuse our region for their profits - of course the resistance against it also has to be international!"

"The nuclear industry wants Finland to be the guinea pig for their claim there would be a worldwide 'renaissance of nuclear power'. In fact, there is no such renaissance: during the next ten or so years many more nuclear reactors will have to be shut down for reasons of age than new projects are announced. Even industry's own studies have shown that it would not be feasible to replace all of these old reactors during this time. The nuclear industry is simply trying to postpone the final winding up of the antiquated and dangerous dinosaur that is nuclear power."

Sit-down blockades are a normal means of protest in a democracy – even though in Finland it will be the first time that a nuclear power plant would be blockaded by a publicly announced blockade. "We will build on the experience of the anti-nuclear movements for example in France, Germany and the United Kingdom when we do this blockade of Olkiluoto. There will be a diverse range of activities to join in – those who don't want to sit on the road can join an anti-nuclear picnic or other creative activities. This action at Olkiluoto aims to empower and inspire people and to show the strong resistance against nuclear power. Everyone can join us to send this powerful signal to the parliament, nuclear companies and to the rest of the world."

A website will provide information about how to join the public blockade of Olkiluoto, provide maps and pieces of advice for reaching the area and give an impression of the proposed action:



Nuclear Free Finland
Maan ystävät
Kvinnor mot atomkraft/Naiset atomivoimaa vastaan
Kvinnor for fred/Naiset rauhan puolesta
Aktionsgruppen för ett atomkraftsfritt Åland