Run-up to the NATO summit: Protests in Freiburg on March 30th

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Today, the 28th of March, major demonstrations took place throughout Europe against the capitalist crisis and the meeting of G20 in London, which will begin on the 1st of April. While the protests against the economic crisis are still running an unregistered antimilitarist demonstration in Freiburg on March 30th will kick off the protests against the NATO summit. The connection between war and the economic crisis, the expansion of civil and military cooperation and the atmosphere of militaristic “security policies” provide major targets for leftist activists in a “hot Spring.” Who knows, it may boil over into a “summer of resistance.”


On the 1st of April in London marchers will converge on the Bank of England and in Strasbourg there will be a “Carnival against the Security-Circus.” In the UK attacks on the private establishments of bankers, like the recent one in Edinborough, are attracting a large share of the public eye.


The imminent NATO summit in the Rhein area and the G20 summit are only two of the important events in the coming month.  The combination of war, economic crisis, security politics, capitalism and ecologic disasters will remain in public light.  In the next few months we shall see just how much the globalization and EU-critical movement waxes or wanes.  Important happenings in the near future include the G8 summit in La Maddalena, Sardinia, the antiracist camp in Greece, the Europe-wide “Freedom not Fear” campaign on the 12th of September and the Climate conference in Copenhagen.


The Anti-NATO protests begin on the 30th of March with a rally of the local anti-NATO alliance at 17:00 followed by a demonstration that has not been officially registered because of new laws against assembly.  NATO opponents will demonstrate against the economic crisis, the war and the massive police movements in preparation for the NATO summit. The aim of the demonstration is to pull vigorously through the inner city on the desired route.


The campaign on 30.03 will be in contact with the heads of the police operation and has announced an intention not to escalate any conflict. However, the police and press are still critical and the police president, Heiner Amann, expects a “non-peaceful demonstration.” Messages on the university’s website warn of “violent troublemakers” at the demo on Monday. Should the demonstration be hindered from forming due to police tactics, a blockade training session is planned at the main train station.


Since the 23th of March the KTS has been the site of an antimilitaristic Convergence-Center (CC) for leftist activists and people who are interested in the protests and want to be well prepared. At the CC one can find an Info Point, an Indymedia-Center, legal aid, medical aid, workshops and presentations devoted to the summit protests.