Trial against antifascist one year after Pegida-birthday


Today there was second hearing of the case at the Court in Dresden on “throwing a blue police flasher at the Pegida birthday”, on 19 october last year. The trial today mostly consisted of questioning witnesses from the cops, including the undercover ones. The testimonies of the police gave a good insight of how they are working for us to learn.

At the Pegida-birthday several undercover cops from Hannover were in Dresden with the task to observe the demonstration and point out the crimes. For that reason they were dressed in black, to join the counter protesters.


Two of this undercover cops were positioning themselve next to counterprotesters trying to be at the place where most of the troubles have happened.

After Pegida rally ended in evening and the participants spread around the city and attacked people, some part of the Pegida demonstrants went to Terrassenufer, where already counter protesters were waiting. The police at this time divided the road in the way that they parked one car after the other, to prevent direct confrontations. In the row of police cars was also one red van which had a mobile blue light on its roof. The two undercover cops were hanging next to this car.

After they saw how one person dropped the blue light from the roof, they also noticed another person, who took care of the blue light and removed it completely from the car. Alleged they also saw, that the same person after five minutes threw the blue light above the car in direction to the police and the pegida demonstrators.


As for the fact that the undercover cops were staying really near by, they could identifiy the person even though he was wearing black clothes, as they could see Details like the white sole of the shoes, dirt on it, the brand on the rainjacket or the hole in the gloves.
Apart from that they had the possibility, to recognice the face of the person, who actually was wearing a hood, but allegely the face was not covered. After the cops could observe the situation near by, they also could call there boss just right there, to organize the arrest.

At first the riot police arrested the wrong person, the undercovercops could still be near by and call there boss again to give the information, that this was the wrong person.


After that arrest the observed person went with the affinity group around the corner to leave the place, followed by the undercover cops. One of the undercover cops even stated today that he was in verbal contact with the group, while the partner was following in a small distance calling their boss. The “right” person was arrested quite soon


After the witnesses the judge suggested to close the case with the paragraph 153a, because of the good social prognose of the person, but the prosecutor didn´t agreed on that. So for now the person is still accused of attemp of grievous bodily harm and property damage.


The next day of the trial will be on Monday, 17th october 2016 at Amtsgericht Dresden.

You are welcome to join and show solidarity.