Hanover: Feminist Attack

Feminist Attack 1

On the evening of March 8, we stopped a bus on the Limmerstraße (Hannover-Linden). We sprayed it with our messages and then continued to march downtown.

We see this action as an offensive appropriation of public space. A space that due to us being Lesbian Trans* Women is not easy for us and must be fought for again and again.

We’re Mad!

Sexual violence against women and Trans* lesbians is an everyday experience. On roads, in squares, on public transport and in their own bedrooms. It belongs to the normality of a violent sex ratio.

Since New Year’s Eve in Cologne the voices have been getting louder and more unbearable, blaming the problem on the supposed ‘culture’ of others.

We say that the problem is the sexist and racist culture in which we live!

A culture in which the general public is only horrified about sexual violence if they can exploit racism.

New Year’s Eve in Cologne has produced a media emergency. Then two months later it became known about systematic attacks against refugee women and girls by the security staff at a Cologne accommodation center, however there has been barely any mention in the media.

If we want to fight sexism effectively we must also act against racism.

Our feminism is not about placing our hopes in bourgeois equality policies! Too often, it allows the emancipation of one at the expense of the other. Racsim and class relations are continued under its guise.

Our feminist struggle is not just for legal recognition!

We have respect towards those who have struggled to make it possible to abort pregnancies unpunished. We express out solidarity with Trans* and Inter* who are fighting today to enable civil status change and secure access to hormones. But we should remind ourselves that these struggles would not have begun to change laws unless they were supported by social movements that involved a fundamental change in circumstances.

Last but not least for example, is the legal recognition of different ways of life and love, a modernization of the marriage and family ideal that leaves many others sidelined.

Our feminism is not willing to compromise!

We fight all forms of domination, the state that protects those institutions and the cops that protect this country.

We take the space.

Now and in the future.