English call for the campaign "fighting for 20 years"

Fighting for Twenty Years

7th November 1992: Rolf Schulze is beaten, drowned and then burned by three neo-nazis in Lehnin.

20th February 1996: Sven Beuter is kicked to death in Brandenburg an der Havel by a neo-nazi.


They are only two of more than 180 victims of neo-nazi violence. These two murders should not be considered as the actions of two individuals but as the consequence of a capitalist and neo-nazi way of thought. If needed, a social group is chosen and declared responsible for each injustice of the capitalist system. Persons are arbitrarily held responsible for social grievances simply due to their origin, sexual orientation, religion, social status or other characteristics. The federal government and its representatives enable and strengthen this attitude as they condemn violence against refugees, while simultaneously separating them into political and economic refugees and denying the latter the right to asylum. Through this, bourgeois racists feel their opinions to be confirmed, and consider themselves law-abiding when they set fire to uninhabited shelter or attack refugees and/or their supporters. Therefore it is, in our opinion, just a matter of time until the attacks are aimed at inhabited shelter and people die.


No matter where and in what forms exclusion and discrimination occur, it is our duty to confidently oppose and fight them on all levels and by all means! If you feel you are fighting a losing battle against the everyday hate speech at work, school or the university, remember:


You are not alone!

Organize and fight back!