Against Nazis and Repression – Freedom for Valentin

Freiheit für Valentin!

It was the third time that the police broke a door of a comrades shared flat on the 1st of July 2015. Like the last two times it were masked SEC Officials who stormed into the apartment. But different to the last incidents it wasn‘t the apartments furnishing that they were searching in order to find evidence; this time they came to take a comrade on the basis of an arrest warrant with them. His name is Valentin.

He is accused of having taken part in the violent clashes at „Verdener Eck“ after the football match between SV Werder Bremen and the HSV. That day Nazi Hooligans from Bremen attacked a group of antifascist Ultras. The clash ended in violent confrontations between the two groups. Even though the events took place after a football match, and football fans are affected, this is not about football riots! The altercation had a political background. The hooligans attacked the Ultras since they believed them to be left winged antifascists.
Since his arrest Valentin is in custody awaiting trial. At a press conference on July 2nd the police presented him to be the „prime suspect“ in the case. He is accused of aggravated battery and severe breach of the peace (schwerer Landfriedensbruch).

The police made clear that Valentin is going to be held as an example against political violence.
This situation sucks! We stand in solidarity with our comrade, friend and brother Valentin. We will do everything to stand by his side and give him all the support he needs.

To financially strenghten his back we set up a donation account. Contribute to the donations, since this is about all of us. Let him feel your solidarity by sending him letters. We‘re going to set up a mailbox and will let you know its address in the next days. Please keep in mind that the police can and will read these messages (sender address, content, etc)
To constantly keep you updated on Valentins situation we set up a blog on which we will inform you about any new developments.
Out of hate and anger and resistance!

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