[Bremen, Germany] Attack on office of a member of the CDU

Eingeschlagene Scheibe - Symbolbild

On the night of Thursday, July 2, we devoted ourselves to the office of the deputy Bettina Hornhues in Bremen-Vegesack. We brought stones and paint and destroyed the glass entrance door and three windows of her campaign office. With joy, we have broken the contemplative calm of the residential area on the occasion of the aggravation of the asylum law today. Madame Hornues is a member of the fraction of the party of the CDU in the German Bundestag (parliament) and today voted for the aggravation of the asylum law.

With this, the withdrawal of rights of refugees living in Germany is further consolidated, for example by enabling the mass arrest of persons under “Obligation to Leave the Territory.” We are aware of our powerlessness against the State and its laws and do not believe we can seriously disturb its operation by isolated actions.

Massive sabotage of the political infrastructure could prevent such decisions, however, we are far from that. Nevertheless, we count on direct confrontation and savour each cry of civil rebellion because of a few broken windows in the right place.
Officials such as Hornues must realize that their actions have consequences. [...]

Fire to the State and its papers!

We will return!

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