Calls Upon the International Community to Save Life of Detainee on Hunger Strike, Khader Adnan

Khader Adnan

The Palestinian center for Human Rights (PCHR) expresses its deep concern regarding the life of Khader Adnan, Palestinian detainee in an Israeli jail who has been on hunger strike for a month and a half, and holds the Israeli authorities fully responsible for his life. PCHR demands the international community to put pressure on Israeli forces for immediate release of Adnan who has been under administrative detention without a trial.


Adnan (37), from  Arraba village, who has been on hunger strike for 46 days respectively since 07 May 2015, when he started his hunger strike in protest at the policy of arbitrary detention and renewal of  his administrative detention for the third time.


On 08 July 2014, Israeli authorities arrested Adnan from his house and placed him under a 6-month administrative detention. When the period of his detention ended in January, the court extended the detention period for another six months. Therefore, he declared his hunger strike in protest against the continuation of his detention. The court decreased the detention period to 4 months. In early May, his detention was renewed for the third time respectively, so on 5 May 2015, he initiated the hunger strike which has been ongoing.


After the deterioration of his health condition, Adnan has been recently admitted to Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Israel, while being handcuffed to his bed all day long. The Palestinians Prisoner Club stated to the media that Adnan was visited three days ago and his hands and legs were tied to the hospital's bed all day long. Moreover, Adnan started clearly suffering from new serious symptoms, which indicates that his health condition is deteriorating. Adnan suffers from severe pains throughout the body, imbalance, blue spots on the shoulders and speech problems.


It should be noted that Adnan had started an open hunger strike in December 2011 that lasted for 66 days in protest at his administrative detention. He ended that hunger strike on 22 February 2012, when an agreement was reached with the prisons administration to release him in exchange for ending his hunger strike. Adnan was indeed released on 17 April 2012.



Hunger striker's family asks EU rep to intervene


The family of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan has sent a letter to Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, pleading for its intervention to help save his life.

The letter was handed by a delegation from Adnan’s family on Wednesday to the European Commission office director in Gaza Strip.The letter detailed Adnan’s plight and the aspects of his hunger strike and called on the EU representative to visit him atAssaf Harofehhospital to see his medical condition and look into his demands.Adnan, who is now on his 44th day on hunger strike against the Israeli practice of administrative detention, said Tuesday that "the more (the Israelis) torture me, the stronger and more determined I become."

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