4 anarchist comrades begin hunger strike (Mexico)


Here is the statement of the 4 comrades imprisoned in Mexico and an update (5th of October) on their situation. There's also a soli campaign for the prisoner Mario González in Mexico to send as much faxes as possible to the Mexico embassy around the world and to show our solidarity with him and the other comrades. We attach the model of the fax with the address of the Mexican embassy in Berlin, in spanish and english (german version is welcome!!).

More about Mario González: http://solidaridadmariogonzalez.wordpress.com/

More info via ABC-Mexico: http://www.abajolosmuros.org/index.php/noticias-anticarcelarias/314-llam...


4 anarchist comrades begin hunger strike (Mexico)

via cna mexico:

To free media

To the peoples of the world

To all those oppressed


Driven by a sense of rebellion and a declared rejection and true repudiation of all control mechanisms, including the prison system, we, anarchist and libertarian individuals, in our condition as prisoners abducted by the Mexican government, have decided to exercise one of the few tools of struggle which we can assert from inside prison: the hunger strike. From today, October 1st, a year after the arrests on October 2, 2013, 10 months of the kidnapping of Fernando Barcenas and 9 months after the detention of Amelie, Carlos and Fallon.

For us the hunger strike is not synonymous with weakness, much less do we seek to fall into a position of victimization; however, we assume it as an alternative of fighting that we consider conducive in a logic of protest and disobedience to the imprisonment of our bodies and the humiliation, isolation and frustration it means to be held in these centers of terror. We opted to take action rather than accept prison as “normal”.

The State seeks to train docile and servile citizens to maintain their established “social order” and thus be able to support the structure of capitalist production only beneficial to the ruling class. Prisons have a key role in shaping these good citizens. It is to the bourgeois society that the prison actually seeks to readjust.

We reject the assumed role of resocializing that prison can bring to our lives. We not only do not consider it useful, but widely detrimental- that´s why we have decided to continue with our struggle to destroy it, starting with small acts of denial and ignorance of its influence on our lives.

We declare this hunger strike, without any request or demand. We do not seek improvements in jail or in our conditions. It is simply to ignore its role in our lives, acting in coordination and solidarity. With this action we accompany the protest on October 2nd, 46 years after the genocide in Tlatelolco, without forgetting or forgiving and making war until the end of oppression.


We will never stop to aspire for our freedom!

We will not abandon the fight for it!


Jorge Mario García González (Medical Tower Prison Tepepan)

Carlos López “El Chivo” (Eastern Prison)

Fernando Barcenas Castillo (Northern Prison)

Abraham Cortes Ávila (Northern Prison)


Note: Mario González y Abraham Cortes were arrested the 2nd of October 2013, related to the combative actions for the Tlatelolco massacre in 1968. Mario González was sentenced to 5 years and 9 months of prison, acussed of public disorder, while Abraham Cortes was sentenced to 13 years of prison, acussed of attempt of murder.

Fernando Bárcenas Castillo was arrested the 13th of December 2013, related to the protests against the rise of the price of the underground tickets in Mexico City. From then, he is in preventive prison, acussed of setting fire to the Christmas tree of Coca-Cola company.

Carlos López Marin was arrested with Amelie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson the 5th of January 2014 for their participation in the attack with stones and molotv cocktails to the “Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes” (Transport and communications office) and to a NISSAN shop in Mexico City, and they were sent to preventive prison acussed under the anti-terrorist law. The 17th of February 2014, they accustions of terrorism were dropped, but not the preventive prison due to the accusations of damage and disorder of public were still pending. The trial began the 3rd of April 2014, however, the 16th of May 2014 we could know that our comrades had to face two different trials; one locally for the atactk to Nissan and the other one a federal one for the other attack. According to the updates that we have till now, since de 1st of October we are wating for the sentence of the first trial. About the federal one, the appeal against imprisonment was denied and the process will be closed in the next few weeks.





Mexican prisons: updates on the health situation of the 4 comrades in hunger strike.

If you ask me what is a prison, I would answer you with no doubt that is the rubbish dump of a certain social-economic proyect, which throws away anyone who annoys inside this society: that's because the prison keeps mainly poor people”

- Xosé Tarrio

A movement that forgets its prisoners is doomed to failure”

-Harold Thompson

From the 1st of October the anarchist comrades Jorge Mario González, Carlos López “Chivo”, Fernando Bárcenas y Abraham Cortés are carrying a hunger strike in different detention centers of Mexico City.

Four days after the beginning of the strike, we make a call for solidarity and support with the struggle that our comrades are carrying out.

We don't want to turn them into heroes, even less to show a victimized speech. We understand that despite of their imprisonment, that the freedom of their bodies is taken away, their ideas and dreams of a sociaty free of any domination and exploitation are still free.

Their fight is our fight, we disown with them any mecanism of control and domination of this prison-society.

Let's deny the prison and with it, the system it belongs to.

Let's take our lives back!

Down with prisons!

Freedom for all!

Mario González (Torre Médica de Tepepan): physically he is doing good but there's an alert with pancreas and liver, he feels tired, he feels dizzy when he stands up, but he is lively and calm. He is cheked three times per day by doctors of the prison, and they try to prove that he is not holding a hunger strike.

Abraham Cortes y Fernando Bárcenas Castillo (Reclusorio Norte): both are being checked three time per day by prison doctors. Both have lost weight and feel tired, but both feel strong.

Carlos López Marín (Reclusorio Oriente): He was moved from the area of the prison he was to the sanitary area. He's weak and has sickness and he has lost weight. He is taken to the prison infirmary three times per day. He has been pressured by other prisoners and guard to stop with the hunger strik, however he hold his ground.