UKRAINE: Maidan. Babtism of Blood.

Ukraine: Maidan

Der folgende Text zur aktuellen Entwicklung in der Ukraine stammt von der "UKrainian section of Revolutionary Confederation of Anarcho-Syndycalists "N.I. Makhno" und wurde von den Gefährten vom TAHRIR International Collective Network übersetzt. Wir finden es wichtig, Stimmen aus der Ukraine selbst hier Raum zu geben, anstatt hier Meldungen zu posten, die sich ausschliesslich aus mainstream Medien bedienen. Beachtet bitte auch die bisherigen Veröffentlichungen auf linksunten mit Stimmen aus der Ukraine dazu: RDL Interview 2, revolution news/linksunten, Interview mit einem Anarchosyndikalisten aus der Ukraine, libcom).



On January 19 , we have seen how Ukraine was baptized. With blood, fire, and water. The demon broke out of the bottle, the political strategy of Maidana failed. A political confrontation a la “the Orange Revolution” in 2004 turned into a riot of  the most radical part of the opposition .


It began when the Verkhovna Rada (the Parliament), with the speed of sound, issued an original set of laws.  Deputies of Party of Regions, Kolesnichenko and Oleynik came out with proposal to turn quickly the “oligarchic democracy ” into  a “police dictatorship “. As these would-be reformers explained their initiative to reporters: “they went out with this proposition in connection with exacerbation of the socio-political situation in Ukraine.” They didn’t want to exacerbate, and exacerbated the situation even more. For a holiday. This they succeeded brilliantly. The rulling party probably could not take a worse step. But the power, unfortunately for themselves, lost time for decisive action. People on Maidan firmed. They have already felt their strength. And they had no intention of giving up.  Laws were taken against extremism on Sunday, symbolically on the Feast of the Babtism.


And then, what an amazing coincidence, unknown enthusiasts of the opposition shouted the crowd : “Let’s go to Hrushevskoho Street! To storm the government quarter!”. And they went.  No matter what Tyagnybok and Yatsenyuk yelled from the podium that, well, it’s not according to the plan and nobody should go.  The protest began to get out of control of the leaders. In the evening, reinforced troops of the “Berkut” special forces took to the streets and tried to introduce the adopted laws of the government in effect. A police water cannon emerged before the protesters. I spat water from the house and stalled. Baptism has begun! Nobody expected it to be so. But the stupid laws “of Kolesnichenko and Oleynik”, signed by  Yanukovych, provoked rebellion, breathed new force into the protesters, united  many, who before were calmly looking at all what happened, with active protesters.


Now the majority of the Ukrainian population is against the government. The peaceful demonstrations turned, in fact, into a street fighting, the protest got out of control of the opposition leaders. Yatseniuk and  Tyagnybok repudiate violence. The militants are called provocateurs. Klichko honestly trying to stand between the ” Berkut ” and the Maidan fighters in hopes of stopping the bloodshed. But he did not succeed. The Maidan militants consist mainly of activists of so-called “Right Sector .” For me it says a lot. On the street, extreme nationalists and neo-Nazis rule.  They have an unique opportunity to get a baptism of fire and tempered in battles with the police. They set the tone of “the revolutionary Maidan .” They are followed by the common people . The rightists organize, unite , throw slogans and conduct a strategy. And they get support from most citizens who came to Maidan and who, at the beginning, wanted “just” to express their dissatisfaction with the current government. In the January 19 evening, Maidan split into “the legals” and “the illegals”. Into Yatseniuk and Tyagibok running the meeting with their supporters properly at the Independence Square (Maidan), and the radicals leading the street fighting on the Hrushevskoho street.


While the Ukrainian nationalists celebrate his finest hour with cobblestones and homemade batons, while they kidnap and beat cops, and joyfully shout ” Yolka !” in burned police buses, Russian chauvinists rub their hands and celebrate their victory. A Russian leader of the banned National Bolshevik Party, a communist and a nationalist, a Russian imperialist Limonov said that Ukraine splits and in any case it is good for Russia. Let the west of Ukraine will be taken by Europe , and the left side, with its capital in Kharkiv will become pro-Russian! Such are expectations of Russian imperialists.


The U.S. imperialists are also in the ready position. The representative of the U.S. National Security Council at the White House Caitlin Hayden blamed the government of Ukraine  for the escalation of the situation. Hayden demanded to withdraw the special forces from the center of Kiev and begin a dialogue with the opposition. Otherwise, she said, the Ukrainian authorities are waiting for sanctions. She noted that the situation has worsened due to the fact that the Ukrainian government does not recognize the legitimate grievances of the people. Interestingly, and the U.S. government, what sanctions they are waiting for ignoring the protest mood of their people? Seattle’99, Occupy Wall Street…


The specter of civil war that will split our country into two parts – the left one  and the right one with the border along the Dnieper river already soars . Lviv and Ivano -Frankivsk also already build barricades. All this I would be pleased if Maidan would be leftist. Alas, it is extremely rightist. And despite the fact that the main refrain of the protesters sounds like: “The people against the corrupt authority”, you realize that it is equally for other authority. And the authority which is not better than that against which the protests were directed.


Events are very similar to the scenarios of “revolutions” of the recent years carried out in a foreign scenario. The Arab Spring had become for us a negative experience and a lesson to realize that empires, both of the East and  of the West, are just waiting to divide Ukraine and make it their colony. Maidan is a deadlock. And it will lead only to loss of independence, a police state, no matter which variant will happen. In the variant of a pro-Western democracy, a nationalist regime, or an oligarchic monopoly…


In all this baptism of blood one important thread was lost. What does the Ukrainian people shed blood for, and in the name of what will they possibly shed it in the future? For the interests of the criminal oligarchy ? For the neo-Nazi minority? For the European owner or for the Russian one? When will we be ready to shed blood for our own interests? For the interests of the working masses? For ourselves and not for politicians, the opposition, the bureaucracy, imperial or national interests ?


Yes, we need a struggle! Need to overthrow the government. But no need to put instead a new one! Yes, self-organization, but in the name of self-governance! And not to give our asses to  new oligarchs, even if they speak Ukrainian properly.

There is a third way. The way of the people’s revolution. Not planned political strategies of the ruling elites but a revolution,  the subject of which are self-organized workers clearly understanding their interests and clearly knowing not only what their stand against, but most importantly what they stand for! We need not a rightist Maidan, a Maidan manipulated by politicians and organizations but a new Makhnovshchina. A social revolutionary movement of the most disadvantaged sections of the people, united by a common purpose – the birth of a society without slaves and masters!


What to do now? Collect people able to accept such logic of the struggle. Combine them. Work to create a mass movement. Inherently anarchic. Build a strong core of anarchist organization.

Maidan will finish. And no matter how it will finish, its result will be not in favor of the people. Not in favor of the hard workers, the poor and middle strata of the students, not in favor of the miners, not in favor of the villagers, not in favor of urban slum dwellers. It will not be in favor of the majority of those who have shed blood on January 19 in Kiev. And then our next task is to prevent the next Maidan, and make every effort to start a new idea of Makhno. A new phase of the struggle is coming. Will this fight be conducted legally or underground, in a colonial country torn by the empires. or in a Nazi single state, whether  the  national oligarchs win or the comprador bourgeoisie of our former course – We are under the black banner of labor against capital and the state!


And all those who agree with us – unite!



RKAS them . Makhno

January 19, 2014


RKAS - Revolutionary Confederation of Anarchist – syndicalist them. N.Mahno ( RKAS )

International Confederation of anarcho -syndicalist . Sections and individual members of RKAS exist in Ukraine, Russia , Georgia, Bulgaria . The purpose of the Confederation is to consolidate efforts to catalyze the process of anarchist and anarcho- syndicalist movement , to facilitate the birth of a libertarian ( a free , stateless ) communism by natural dominance of the revolutionary process in a society of self- syndicates ( organizations, associations , communes, cooperatives, and non-authoritarian industrial and business institutions – scientific, creative , production , etc. . ) .

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Zu den Medien... eine Ungarin meinte mir gegenüber, dass die Medien in den osteuropäischen Staaten gar nicht so intensiv über die Ereignisse berichten. Sie meinte das sie gar nicht berichten, aber so ist es ja nicht, da durchaus Khyrillische youtubestreifen zu sehen sind, welche von Nachrichtensendern extrahiert wurden.

Wenn man dies in Bezug zu dem weitgehenden Verschweigen der Neonazis in den Protesten setzt, wie es in den "westlichen" Medien passiert, macht es wirklich etlichen Sinn auf Stimmen vor Ort zu hören.

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Ich hab den Artikel nur überflogen offenbar kommt die rechtsextreme "Swoboda" nicht darin vor. In der heutigen Ausgabe der Süddeutschen wurde die Vereinigung, die auch auf dem Maidan kämpft, als lediglich nationalistisch, im ND als faschistisch gedeutet. Wer mehr über rechtsextreme Strömungen in der Ukraine lesen mag, kann es auf dem folgenden Wikipediaartikel versuchen:

(Kontakte zur NPD, British National Party und zu den Faschisten in Ungarn) 


Die Ereignisse seit November 2013 haben ebenfalls einen eigenen Eintrag in der Wikipedia mit einem Verweis auf aktuelle Meldungen via Twitter.und FB (bitte nutze Annonymisierungssoftware falls du auf die Seiten willst).




I found out something about proper right to rightextremists in Ukrain - check out the following wikipediaarticles
  also contacts to 


general infos since novembre 2013:



The All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" (Ukrainian: Всеукраїнське об’єднання «Свобода», Vseukrayinske obyednannia "Svoboda"), translated as Freedom, is aUkrainian nationalist political party,[2] and currently one of the five major parties of the country.[13]


Founded in 1991 as the Social-National Party of Ukraine (UkrainianСоціал-національна партія України), the party has acted as a proponent of nationalism andanti-communism in Ukrainian politics. It is positioned on the right of the Ukrainian political spectrum,[5][2][14][15] and has been described by some scholars as far-right.[7][8][9][10] The current party leader (elected every two years[16]) is Oleh Tyahnybok, who has held the role since February 2004.[2]

check this out this pic comes is from the german article - nasty!!!!

According to the wikipedia this struggle is very mutch about the future orientation of the coalition of Ucraine towards Russia-Casatan or the EU. The fucking president struggles against the expectations of IWF like highing the gasprices on 40% more. Well it's great to overthrough the gov' but see that the rightextremists are the 5ths biggest party.


C'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 What this mean? If political streams just only act, if only the streetfights get reported than it's clear that we don't get enough backroundinfo. Tell people here how anarchist are organised, how big they are, what sociologic expectations can be pointed out, how many of the ok people are with you... How mutch this is about poverty, what came after the "orange revolution" (does anybody remember more than the label of this????) ?


What wants this Klitschko guy, how mutch people fight against the fashists over there also?

Trotz der berechtigten Forderungen auf Stimmen vor Ort zu hören, hat das Video einige interessante Punkte. (Beispielsweise Verbindung Dt. Diplomaten mit Svoboda, Klitschko, Nazi+Mörder unter den Festgenommenen usw.)


Die Kritik an Berlin muß natürlich im Kontext gesehen werden, RT heißt ja nicht Riot-TV sondern Russia-Today. Bestimmte Punktierungen von Kritik finden auch da statt. Dennoch hörenswert wie ich finde.