Your asylum policy kills!

Gemeinschaftsunterkunft  Würzburg

We have marked the city hall, as the site of the 'Ausländerbehörde', the Government of Unterfranken, responible for the unhuman food packages and for the 'Lagers', and the outpost of the BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) in the 'Gemeinschaftsunterkunft' Würzburg, responsible for the random selection of the Non – Citizen Refugees. Thus, we made a direct action against the desk criminals of the City, the Government and the BAMF.

Especially in Würzburg, the city in which, with the suicide of Muhammad Rahsepar, the self-organized refugeeprotest started last year, with a camp standing in the middle of the city for half a year, the ignorance and the indifference of the people in power is visible.

The open hypocrisy of police and politics is shown through the eviction in the middle of the night. They argumentated with the protection of the life of the protesters, although it is their laws and policy that endangers the life of the Non - Citizens

We greet all fighting people, who won't be separated by racist agitation and to work together against this system! We all have the same interests!

We insist that the responsibles in Munich immediately release all arrested people and meet the demands of the Protesters!

No Border! No Nation! 
Everybody has the right to stay!