Munich: Urgent Call

kein mensch ist illegal

Herewith, I urgently call the hunger-striking non-citizens at Munich's Rindermarkt and their supporters to immediately stop the dry hunger strike and the support of it! Make yourself clear, that everyone of you is directly responsible for everything that happens and may will happen - including severe health damages and deads. It is, especially for the supporters, by no meanings possible to delegate this responsibility to what is said the decision of the non-citizens!


There's no way for the supporters of this protest to comprehend these decisions allegedly made by the non-citizens for it's forbidden to talk to them. All communication with the non-citizens is in the hands of an authoritarian and dogmatic group named 'Reclaim Society' from Berlin, which attempts to be the voice of the hunger-strikers instead of making the non-citizen's voices themselves being heard in the public. The non-citizens once again are left behind a fence, isolated from the rest of the world.


The group's members cynical arguments, e.g. that it is okay for them, when people die in the public because there already have been so many deads in the lagers, their crude understanding of solidarity as watching people trying to kill themselves for hopelessness and desperation without intervening (analogous: doctors 'show solidarity', when they don't give the hunger-strikers the medical treatment they need), their completely unrealistic rating of the political possibilites for this protest to reach its goals - within the small amount of time of only three or four days maximum until people die of thirst without medical treatment -, and their authoritarian methods of putting pressure on the supporters fill me with deep distrust of this group. It is not right to watch people trying to kill themselves without intervening, no matter what this group claims! The members of this group abuse the desperation of the non-citizens for their own political goals. In the run-up to the hunger-strike, this group obviously didn't even take care of ensuring medical treatment for the hunger-strikers.


Therefore, I'm deeply concerned about my hunger-striking comrades at Rindermarkt! Allthough I agree completly with the demands of hunger-strikers and I honestly wish them only the very best for their fight, there is in my opinion, and year-long experience also shows that, virtually no chance to force the well-known right-conservative bavarian politicians in this way to fullfil the pretty general demands of the protest before something very serious happens to somebody! It cannot be the goal to watch even more refugees dying, neither in the public nor elsewhere! Ten thousand deads at the European border, uncounted in the lagers and deportation camps all over Europe as well as those who got deported and killed back in the countries they fled from are more than enough!


Stop the dry hunger-strike! No more deads! Freedom of movement is everybody's right! No border, no nation!