Jagdsabotage in Russland und der Ukraine

Ukraine September 2012

Aktivist_innen der Animal Liberation Front verübten in Russland und der Ukraine an verschiedenen Orten direkte Aktionen gegen die Jagd.

Bei Kiev wurden am 08. September Straßen die in Jagdgebiete führen unpassierbar gemacht. So wurde beispielsweise die einzige Strasse die nach 'Zhukov Ostrov' führt über eine weite Strecke zerstört und für motorisierte Fahrzeuge unpassierbar gemacht. In einem Bekenner_innenschreiben benannten die Aktivist_innen als Grund für ihre Aktion, den Zugang zum Jagdgebiet zu erschweren.


Ebenfalls wurden im September rund um Moskau mehrere Strassen von ALF-Aktivist_innen unbrauchbar gemacht. Im Jagdgebiet "Naro-Fominsk" wurden über 10 Kilometer einer Strasse mit Hakenkrallen versehen. Zudem wurden Strassen um die Häuser von Rangern mit "Krähenfüßen" bestückt. Überall wurden Strassenschilder und Jagdhinweisschilder zerstört und mit Farbe beschmiert.

Zudem wurden zahlreiche Zäune zerschnitten und beseitigt, die sogenannte Privatwälder einzäunten um Tiere abzuhalten.

Aktivist_innen der Animal Liberation Front übernahmen in Bekenner_innenschreiben die Verantwortung für diese Aktionen der Jagdsabotage.


received anonymously:

"Kiev. Roads sabotaged in sanctuary.

On the night of 08.09 Kiev eco-activists dug a trench
cutting the only road that led to the sanctuary 'Zhukov Ostrov', a habitat of several rare species of animals.
Kievan middle and upper class has developed a bad habit of using
SUVs for weekend hikes to forests and riverbanks.
The act was an attempt to make such kind of communion with nature more difficult."


anonymous report:

"By the end of summer ALF activists have spiked 10 kms of forest roads in hunting resorts of Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region, including roads surrounding ranger houses. Road signs and hunters' message boards were destroyed or vandalized when possible.
We also cut fences that served to keep wild animals away from 'privately owned' forest and plains.

A huge rabbit, an owl and a hedgehog made their appearances to share their good will with us. It was a wonderful feeling to actually see the living animals we're fighting for.

- ALF, Moscow region"


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Ende September gab es in Russland mehrere Aktionen aus Solidarität mit Anarchist_innen in Russland, der Ukraine und Mexiko.

Aktivist_innen der Animal Liberation Front  (ALF) befreiten Fasane und führten weitere direkte Aktionen gegen die Jagd durch.


"18 pheasants liberated in Chelyabinsk, cell tower torched in Kolomna, trees planted elsewhere. Acts of solidarity from Russia.

Hunting season in Russia kicked off simultaneously with autumn rains. Nowadays this is called 'We provide for the best spending of your leisure time'. Murder of wildlife has become a banal hobby, an entertainment, a way to relax from working routine in noisy megapolis.

On 21.09 we moved out to attack a farm where wild birds were bred in captivity. We failed to find bird cages on site, so a decision was made to torch a meat restaurant (a facility where most birds end up as meat dishes). But our scouts reported that this building doubled as a place for animal confinement during autumn and winter time. So an action was called off for fear of killing animals. We do not disclose the exact location of the facility because we are not done with the fuckers yet.

On 23.09 we continued with another attack, breaking onto the territory of another hunting site (Chelyabinsk region). We liberated 18 pheasants from their cages. It was a first action of this kind for our collective, so numerous doubts had been voiced. Birds could raise ruckus and thus alert guards to our presence. But the reality was different: captives cooperated with us and behaved as silently as possible.
It is above and beyond our capabilities to win freedom for human captives taken hostages by the system, but we do what we can in fighting for unconditional freedom for all living beings. So far we are content to have set 18 birds free.

In the same period we planted about 2 scores of seed bombs (apple-trees and maples) on territories where it had been possible to stop clearcuts. We include this fact in our report with explicit aim of demonstrating that it is possible to add new dimension to eco-anarchist and insurrectionary projects, the dimension not of destruction, but creation. Not only do we take pains to destroy the status-quo, we are also actively involved into the creation of another world we know is possible.

On 24.09 we torched a cell phone tower that had doubled as satellite relay. It was situated in Kolomna district (near Moscow), just several dozen yards from human habitats. The flame eventually consumed whole length of the tower and we had been enjoying flashes from exploding equipement for quite some time.

All of the aforementioned acts were carried out in the spirit of solidarity and support of eco-anarchist and insurrectionary anarchist prisoners, suspects and refugees throughout the world within the new wave of decentralized attacks.

Greetings to Friends of Freedom, Russian cell of CCF, BlackBlocg collective and various anonymous groups of anarchist urban guerrilla active in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Total support to ITS and CI-MSA in Mexico.
A warm embrace to all unsurrectionary groups around the world.

- Wolfpack, ELF/ALF-Russia, Informal Anarchist Federation"