The Echo of Silence

Indem wir dies tun bleiben wir dem falschen Bewußtsein überlegen, selbst unter dem Regime der Atommacht

This is a message to the uprising conservation activists in India from the karmic underground of a subcontinent which had to experience the prototypes of the current destruction in a thousand years of shadow. We speak for everyone who has chosen to live without the permanent terror of the police state, and for everyone who might nourish the sprout of such a decision in the prisons of their daily lives, so we speak for everyone able to agree or disagree for themselves. In this place, there is little left to conserve, and the fine thread of life connecting us with its timeless nature would be easily cut. We desire, envision and pursue the abolition of the regimes threatening to do so and the deconstruction of their inferior motivation of nuclear power. In the physics of the atom, we see human minds inspired by the Sun and the paths of the planets, trying to imagine what is not fully understood, captured in the metaphor of their own misunderstanding. Precisely this narrative is the core element of the police state that must be taken out to avoid catastrophe. And yet the condition of the universe this toxic legacy is part of suggests that no one carried such a monstrous aberration quite far, for otherwise it would already be just as looted as this Earth.


Like any false consciousness without clear origin and without humane awareness, atomic power is a tyrannic totality trying to put itself into the centre of everything in our lives. As the last people who still experienced it without it are leaving this world, the generations who never knew otherwise find themselves inherited with the unresolved questions posed by this phenomenon, and almost nothing is as it seems. Like the human body cannot distinguish a contaminated world from an uncontaminated one, the human mind cannot distinguish a contaminated consciousness from a uncontaminated one. Yet our situation, in a fundamentally corrupted culture where conservatism, in all its forms, is exactly the opposite of conservation, just like liberalism has become the opposite of liberty, indicates that it is. Under the regime of atomic power, the future of life never has been anything else than an open wound, the healing of which requires the safe deconstruction of the false consciousness before it can destroy any more. So when we challenge atomic power, we are not just opposing a risk which might happen to kill all of us, we also are opposing the fatal consequences it already had.

The first layer of confusion that is to be removed involves the matter of forgiveness. Pondering why it came in contact with this threat just then, the shortcomings of humanity can be seen in various roles. Not only was it already an age of conflict which became exposed to it, but this destructive technology was also believed to be useful to change just that. Hence atomic power was seen as something that only left the choice who would be doing it and who not, as opposed to a challenge which would be doing something wrong with us if we fell for it. In the name of the future we were asked to believe in material growth, as if this was a purpose in itself, but with the growth of atomic power our future became ever more inaccessible. It is no other enemy than humanity itself which brought this threat upon all living entities, and consequentially its ability to forgive itself is the precondition for abolishing it. As long as the attempt to take the inside of the Sun down on Earth is being imagined as some kind of unavoidable condition or desirable goal rather than recognised as an essential aberration, all the false consciousness is just as present, if not worse, as if our dreaming was to end with the latter perception.

Only when this is fully done, the second layer of confusion becomes directly accessible for deconstruction from all directions. There are many hierarchies in atomic power, all of which are responsible for its destructive role. In the political system, the most significant one is the arrangement of the nation states. The fragmentation of the world became the carrier structure for a possible impossibility - a transnational atomic power so destructive that it tries to contain its own expansion into some places in order not to achieve self-destruction too soon. But it is also spreading into others, and any general purpose of abolition seems lost in its expansion efforts. Of course expansion is only possible for a limited time, until everything has been challenged, and it also increases the accumulated potential of destruction quicker than it can accumulate anything it might define as success. When we observe the international politics around this issue, the obvious result is that the totality of atomic power is trying to remake the human consciousness in its own image, that of the unresolvable contradiction in any destructive effort trying to save itself from its own consequences. This is why we decidedly define ourselves outside all political hierarchies, and resist any attempt to get directly involved in them on any level - because they are nothing but parts of what we oppose.

Third is the layer of negotiation. With all irrationality in the current system exposed, there is the possibility to offer safe ways out,  beginning with the insight that the atomic power must end before it destroys everything. Such offers may be taken or not, but either way what matters most is that being made out of the true motivation of abolition they become the foundation for future decisions. Without hierarchies, alternatives outlined in contrast to a false purpose cannot be reasonably ignored, and if they are it is only at the price of increased risk. This risk can even be expressed in economical term, by liabilities and the compensation of external cost, and an atomic power based on true calculations in the process of deconstruction could not only cover its own cost but also these of the necessity to get along without it. It can also be explained in terms of the catastrophe interval, the expected time between reactor meltdowns, calculated from manufacturer claims and construction projections. When the capitalist system postpones its responses to other existential threats beyond that time, it displays its nuclear insolvency. In this layer atomic power may appear in many disguises, even pretend to be its on opponent just to entangle and confuse any real opposition, if that remains the cheapest option available to it. The false flag fraud is the last resort of atomic power encircled by human reason. And even when negotiation remains without any visible influence on the atomic power, having fully exhausted this activity leaves room for the next step.

The fourth and last layer in the removal of the false consciousness is the matter of identities. Atomic power requires willing accomplices to install itself, and it endangers them just as much as all human beings and sometimes even more. Expansive recruitment goals can remain unfulfilled due to rational decisions of individuals, and already are at such a gross extent that the gap between supply and demand opens up like a reactor kettle in meltdown. Little has remained from the hollow idealism of the pioneer scientists who speculated to never experience any significant catastrophe in handling the closest thing to eternity in this world, radioactive isotopes. Once enthusiastic concepts of group identity coined before cyclic atomic catastrophe became a part of life have revealed themselves as absurdities to which to give a blessing no reasonable human being would risk their soul for. Contrary to all appearance, nobody is willing to take any responsibility for atomic power, but that is already the only shared quality between these of us who refuse to be entangled in its machinations and these allowing themselves to be corrupted by it. It is an unimpeachable moral choice not to become complicit in the worst possible sense, and in supporting each other to keep it up until it is fully being respected by all we anticipate the prototypes of the uncontaminated existence of all species for when the abolition of this destructive force is accomplished.

By doing this, we are staying on top of the false consciousness even under the regime of atomic power. Due to its silent threats, which require to avoid possible risks even on vague suspicion, atomic power is just the worst of many challenges to the conservation of the Earth, the most destructive of many forms of misguided development devastating it for no reasonable purpose. Its projected expansion is a paradox case of a species threatening itself with extinction, which makes all the other problems in the feeding of the seven billions appear small in proportion. Even the manipulations of the genetic integrity, which are being imposed to compensate for some of the unintended consequences of destructive industrial agriculture, appear to be minor contamination in comparison, so does the electromagnetic pollution of the spectrum, and the fossil destabilisation of the atmosphere, and any other lethal poisoning or conventional destruction of the lands and the oceans. It is a calculation of archetypal simplicity and monstrous consequences: With the known dependency on water, the ocean could only accumulate the contamination from so many atomic catastrophes until humanity would have to avoid its salt.