[DD] Bring on the beautiful Kiez!

Graffiti passend zur Kampange an der "Scheune".

Dear neighbors, We are a group of people, that set itself the goal to shape the Neustadt into a part of town that deserves the name "Kiez" and "Szeneviertel". So what does that mean? For us a "Kiez" is more than a place to live consume and every now you can meet your friends. For us the word "Kiez" implies, that you as a neighborhood, overcome obstacles together and solves problems as a community. To make it short, organize the neighborhood communaly on a level of solidarity.


For that, we want together with you in the next weeks and months organize different actions and events to support our wishes for our "Kiez". We want to show that a self organized practise can work. It is important to us, that we do not want to do these actions for the Neustadt, but together with the "Kiez". That means, that we want to include different stores, projects, neighbor-connections, initiatives and of course you, the people to live in the Neustadt and those of you that come here and want to develope together our ideas work on actions, events and look for alternative solutions for everyday problems. We will meet on Saturday the 12th of August at 3pm in the Kosmotique (Martin-Luther-Str. 13, 01099 Dresen). We want to discuss the start of the campagne and the next steps. You are dearly invited to come by. In connection we want to eat together at Scheunevorplatz (Alaunstraße 36-40, 01099 Dresden) from 7pm.
Let us find and liveour utopia together!

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