Outrageous scandal in Latvia!

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While Veterans of the latvian legion of the Waffen-SS are allowed to march on the "Day of Legionnaires" - Antifascists are arrested during their entry of Latvia.

Tommorow, on 16th of March, in the latvian capital Riga there will be - as every year since 1991 - a commemoration for members of the latvian Waffen-SS. For them there will be held a minister and afterwards a rally to the Liberation Monument.

The latvian legion of the Waffen-SS was deployed on the 16th of March in 1943. Amongst others members of the commando Victor Arjas, who had killed one half of the latvian Jews beforehead, were part of these troops. International pressure achieved that since 1998 this day is no more a "official" national holiday.

The few Latvians who organise protest against this dispicable rally face heavy repression. Phone surveillance, travel restrictions, state using its influence on hotels and event businesses to prevent them from renting their properties to organisations like "Latvian without Nazism" in order to force them to give up their fight.

Due to an invitation of "Latcia without Nazism" members of the Association of Persecutes of Naziregime - Federation of Antifascists will join the protest against the SS comemmoration march. Some members of the delegation will be missing during this protest. Thomas Willms, Markus Tervooren, Günther Hoppe, Lothar Eberhard and Werner Müller were arrested when they tried to enter Latvia. Also the chairwomen of the Association of Persecutees of Naziregime Cornelia Kerth was hindered to enter her plane in Germany.

Already today, 15 of March at 18 o'clock, there will be protest against this outrageous situation in front of the latvian embassy in Berlin (Reinerzstraße 41/42).


We demand:

End the comemmoration of SS-crimanals and murderers!
Recognitoin of the baltic cooperation of the nazist genocide!
Fredom for "Latvia without Nazism"!
Immediate Release of the arrested Antifascists!