Reclaim the Streets

Reclaim the Streets

Tonight this city should live again. We took the streets with music and good vibrations to put down a marker against the ongoing gentrification. This upgrading of our city provokes, that liveliness, sociability, clearances and unconventional cultural projects are being lost in entire districts.

Desolate concrete-jungles like Google-Quarter, Europaallee, Zurich west or PJZ reveal the uterly significance of money and wealth whereas own ways of composing our lives, alternative projects as Binz and Labitzke-Areal are being destroyed and banned.

Tonights action should motivate you to get active. We don't want to leave our city to freeholders, to money, to capitalists or public-private-partnership-nations or any other oppressing authorities!
Origin and permit of residence, wealth and obdience mustn't matter to whom can live in this or any other place in the world!

We want a city which is allowed to live, be loud, chaotic and exiting. That is why we are organizing ourselves. CCTV cameras and cops can't be bothered!
ACAB- All Cops Are Bastards!

We don't let ourselves be banished. We are taking what belongs to us. We are the city!


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