Athen: Ausschreitungen und Anschläge für Nikos Romanos

Auf dem Weg zur MAT in Exarchia

Für den seit dem 10.November im Hungerstreik befindlichen anarchistischen Gefangenen Nikos Romanos wurden kürzlich verschiedene Solidaritätsbekundungen durchgeführt. Am 23.November wurde im Zentrum Athens ein ATM angezündet und am 27.11. im Vorort Pefki eine Filiale der Post angesprengt.


In den folgenden Tagen ereignete sich eine Serie von Brandstiftungen gegen ATMs und Fahrzeuge, u.a. von Sicherheitsdiensten, im gesamten Stadtgebiet. In Ioannina wurden am 26.11. mehrere ATMs sabotiert. Am 29.November wurde in Volos eine Polizeiwache mit Steinen angegriffen.


Vermummte Gruppen errichteten in den ersten Stunden des 30.November im Exarchia brennede Barrikaden und demolierten Luxusautos. Die Polizei wagte sich nicht ins Viertel und wurde deshalb an der Grenze zu Kolonaki mit Molotovs und Steinen aufgesucht. Ungefähr 200 Menschen beteiligten sich ohne Verhaftungen, berichtet z.B.


Nikos Romanos ist ein Freund von Alexandros Grigoropulos, der am 6.Dezember 2008 von der Polizei ermordet wurde. Nikos sitzt wegen einem Bankraub bei Kozanzi und führt den Hungerstreik für Haftverbesserungen. Sein Zustand ist ernst und er wurde ins Haftkrankenhaus verlegt.

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In the early hours of November 30th, a mini-riot broke out in the neighbourhood of Exarchia, Athens, including Molotov cocktail attacks against anti-riot squadrons, flaming barricades, and smashing of luxury cars, while slogans in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos were being chanted loudly in the streets.
At approximately the same nighttime, in the city of Thessaloniki, a group of individuals reportedly launched Molotov cocktails at the cops guarding the Turkish consulate.

Late on November 29th, a group of anarchists attacked a police station in Volos with stones and paint, shouting slogans in solidarity with Nikos Romanos.

On November 29th, a group of comrades sabotaged a scheduled meeting of the minister of Public Order Vassilis Kikilias with mainstream media thugs in Patras. The anarchist intervention took place outside the offices of a local newspaper, in solidarity with the hunger strikers Nikos Romanos and Yannis Michailidis. The cops were caught completely off guard, and hurried the minister away from there. One of the shouts was: “Nikos Romanos, we’re with you; as for you, Kikilias: go fuck yourself!”

At daybreak of November 29th, the offices of the Legal Council of the State in Heraklion, on Crete, were attacked in solidarity with anarchists Nikos Romanos and Yannis Michailidis, both on hunger strike since 10/11 and 17/11 respectively. The front door and first-floor windows were broken, and paint was thrown inside and outside the building.

In a display of solidarity with anarchist hunger strikers Nikos Romanos and Yannis Michailidis, a bank ATM was torched in downtown Athens on 23/11 and a branch of the Hellenic Post was explosively attacked on 27/11 in Pefki (the Athens neighbourhood where Theofilos Mavropoulos was seriously wounded and arrested in May 2011, after a shootout with two patrol officers, when Yannis Michailidis managed to get away driving the patrol car of the same cops).

In the night towards November 26th, anarchists vandalized ATMs with glue in the city of Ioannina, in solidarity with the hunger strikers Nikos Romanos, Yannis Michailidis and Iraklis Kostaris (the latter conducted a hunger strike from 29/10 until 28/11, when his request was denied).

In the early hours of November 26th, bank ATMs were doused in gasoline and set on fire in Nea Smyrni, Athens, as a token of incendiary solidarity with anarchist comrades Nikos Romanos and Yannis Michailidis.

In another communiqué, arsonists claimed responsibility for a string of attacks (ATMs and vehicles torched) in nine different districts of Athens, in solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos.

- Strength to N.Romanos, on hunger strike since 10/11 -

On November 26th, at midday, the scumbag lawyer Alexis Kougias, who defended the cops that murdered Alexis Grigoropoulos, was assaulted when spotted in the Athens neighbourhood of Exarchia. This (random) attack was dedicated to Nikos Romanos – friend of slain Grigoropoulos, who witnessed the killing in December 2008 – and Yannis Michailidis.

On November 23rd, comrades in Thessaloniki went on the offensive, and placed a homemade explosive device consisting of gas canisters at the house of police unionist Dimitris Padiotis (president of the Thessaloniki Police Officers Union), located in the area of Kastra. They claimed this action in support of captive anarchist Nikos Romanos, on hunger strike as of 10/11, making also mention of the ongoing solidarity hunger strike of anarchist prisoner Yannis Michailidis (since 17/11), and imprisoned 17N member Iraklis Kostaris.

On November 19th, the local offices of the main ruling party Nea Dimokratia in the Athens district of Ambelokipi (situated between the Greek police headquarters and the Ambelokipi police station) were attacked in a display of “loud” solidarity with Nikos Romanos, Iraklis Kostaris and Yannis Michailidis.

On November 17th, a security company vehicle was burned in the area of Metamorfosi, Athens, in solidarity with Nikos Romanos, Iraklis Kostaris and Yannis Michailidis.

On November 13th, the Group of Proletarian Attack targeted the Galatsi tax office in Athens, intending to burn down the archives section inside the building with a high-power incendiary device. Due to an unforeseen obstacle, the incendiary mechanism was finally detonated in the outdoor space. Among other things, the group expressed solidarity with Iraklis Kostaris and Nikos Romanos in their fight for prison furloughs, “for breaths of life away from the galleys of bourgeois democracy”.

“At least we are still implacable and strong-willed like the people of our kind. And those of us who closed their eyes in pain and traveled far continue to keep their eyes glued to that night sky we used to observe, too. And they watch us fall, beautiful and shining stars. Now it’s our turn. Now, without hesitation, we fall.”

A breath of freedom… from the suffocating conditions of confinement; a glance over the barbed wires; a daybreak outside the concrete walls.

Anarchist Nikos Romanos is on hunger strike since November 10th, 2014, demanding to be granted educational furloughs – to which he is entitled, because he managed to gain entry to the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens – that the Ministry of Justice and the Koridallos prison board revengefully deny him.

Rather than defend legitimacy, Nikos Romanos is using one of the few means of struggle at his disposal in a state of captivity, placing his body as a barricade to get a breath of freedom. The comrade’s struggle is also the struggle of all of us, so in a display of solidarity we attacked:

An ATM of the National Bank in the district of Patissia

An ATM in the neighbourhood of Exarchia

An ATM in the suburb of Glyfada

An ATM of the Piraeus Bank in the district of Maroussi

An ATM of Eurobank in the suburb of Halandri

An ATM in the neighbourhood of Kypseli

A vehicle belonging to a private security company in the suburb of Argyroupoli

A car belonging to the embassy of Argentina in the district of Papagou

Two cars in the service of the prefecture of Athens in the district of Egaleo
Video von massiver Motorraddemo durch Athen zum Krankenhaus:

In Saloniki wurde am Abend des 29.11 die MAT-Einheit vor der türkischen Botschaft von ca 20 Personen mit Molotovs und anderem angegriffen. Es gab nach bisherigen Erkenntnisen keine Verhaftungen.