animal liberation action and arson in australia

burn down feedlot!!!animal liberation now!!!

A truck and trailer were set on fire at a Rural Exports and Trading* cattle feedlot near Mundijong (Western Australia) during the night of November 10-11. "Stop live exports" was spray-painted on a shed at the property.

According to news reports, in June at the feedlot a tractor was vandalized, and tires slashed on a livestock carrier, causing $30,000 damage.


Another feedlot, Wellard Rural Exports* in Baldivis, also reported that its facilities and trucks have been vandalized. In April, hydraulic and brake lines were cut on trucks, forklifts, tractors and trailers. Dozens of electrical cords were also cut.


*In September 2012, as many as 10,000 sheep were cruelly killed in Pakistan after being delivered by Wellard Rural Exports. Many sheep were thrown into pits while still alive, after it was learned that Bahrain has rejected the shipment due to disease concerns. In 2003, Rural Exports and Trading had its export licence suspended because of high death rates of sheep and cows on ships headed to the Middle East.