Broken promises of district and Senate are illegal!

Fyler Gerichtsverhandlung Ohlauer

On November 12th 2014 the main trial about the planned eviction of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-School will take place at Amstgericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg at 10 o’clock. Residents of the school in Ohlauerstraße have successfully claimed against the planned eviction in an urgent-procedure. Now the decision will be taken in the main trial.


You can’t evict a movement!
& you can’t evict the school!

9.30 – 11 am
Möckernstraße 130


In July 2014 a contract was agreed on with the district which guarantees the residents of the school the right to live there. It includes the buildup of a self-administered ‘International Refugee Centre’ by the curent residents. This agreement is legally binding. Breaking of the promises by the gouvernments cannot change this fact. Also the ‘Agreement Oranienplatz’ from March 2014 is legally valid, as has been confirmed by the administrative court Berlin last week after a legal complaint by a refugee.


Far more than twp years of the movement and protest of refugees in Berlin ahould have made it clear to the gouvernment that they cannot simply lie to us, without any consequences following.


We gather on Nov. 12th 2014 in front of the Amtsgericht Tempelhof-Kreuzberg
9.30 in der Möckernstraße 130
(zwischen U Möckernbrücke und S Anhalter Bahnhof).

Come to show a strong political sign before the court hearing starts.
Its not our goal to express our opinion loudly inside the court, but outside in front of it!

Stop all depotations! Right to stay, not exclusion!
Freedom of movement for all humans! Hands off self-administered places of the refugee movement – Oranienplatz and the Refugee School (former Gerhart-Hauptmann-School) in Ohlauerstraße stay!

You cannot fool the people from the school!