20 years KTS: Program of the autonomous culture week from the 28th of May until 08th of June 2014

20 jahre KTS Programm

The KTS celebrates this year its 20th birthday! We invite to an intergalactic assembly and autonomouse culture week to Freiburg from the  28th of May until 08th of June 2014! With a colourful and dense program of events and actions around politics, music, art and culture we will celebrate the passed 20 years of KTS in Freiburg.


There will be translation german-french and french-german provided by the bla-collective during the network meeting and likely between the entire periode. If there are enough voluntary interpreters english translation will also be available.


Wednesday, 28th May
18h Café: Legal Team Anti-Repression-Workshop
19h big hall: Movies from the Medienwerkstatt „Dreisameck“ and „Schwarzwaldhof“
20h SUSI: popular kitchen
20:30h Café: „contemporary witnesses“ Freiburg in the 70s and 80s
from 21h PKK collective of the punk@kneipe (bar) with ATBB (anarcho-singalong-trashcore-drum´n´basspunkavantgarde)

Thursday, 29th May
from 15hDay of the open door“ with workshops and exhibitions
Café: photographs from the autonomous media collective
Kneipe: sculptures and pictures from the local art scene
Sound: Algen (Noise)
20h KTS: popular kitchen
20h Movie from Cinerebelde „KTS bleibt!“ and discussion about autonomous struggles since the 90s
from 22h concert: ZSKA (Punkrock), Congreed (Crust), Dark Tharr (Doom), Smegma Brothers (Hillbilly-Träasch-Punk)

Friday, 30. May

14h Rap-Writing-Workshop with Sookee
14h lecture with Shirlette Ammons: „Bentley Mode: ‘Hyper-Everything’ Hip Hop that Pushes the Margins of the Margins“

18h start of the networking meeting
20h popular kitchen
from 21h Wagenkneipe with Schattenparker-film from Cinerebelde „Das böse Unbekannte in Freiburg”

Saturday, 31. May

whole day, Café: networking meeting
20h popular kitchen
from 22h Konzert: Putschversuch (Electropop), Wild guitar Boys (Punkrock), Jesus FistUS vs James Bondage (Breakcore|Darkstep), Orchestre Tout Puissant (Alternative)

Sunday,  01. June
Brunch and closing of the networking meeting
13h Workshop „How to make a online radio“
14h bicycle-Rallye
20:30h Café: Info and discussion about „Squatting-Days 2014 in Hamburg“

concert: Mamma Mammut (Indie), DRONEage (Alternative), Rampage Kids (Punkrock)

Monday, 02. June
16:30h Opening of the vernissage
18h living room: Workshop „secure computers“
18h Café: Workshop „masculinity in autonouse politics - critiques and challenges“
20h Kneipe: Lecture to Harry Belafonte „Calypso against racism“
concert: Sohne (Freejazz|Noise), Die 3 lustigen Beiden (Kotrock), The Symbol Worship (Harsh-Noise)

Tuesday, 03. June
16h Café: Workshop IZ3W „Introduction to the critique of Racism“
18h Café: Info event „current struggles in the Hambacherforst“
20h living room: lecture „the consequences of climate change
20h popular kitchen
20h films from the local group of the CNT (National Confederation of Labour)

Wednesday 04. June
17h in Grün/Grethergelände: city tour „squatting struggles“
afternoon, Grethergelände: Workshop and tour in Radio Dreyeckland
19:30h Grethergelände: Lecture „Indymedia - Our Media?“
20h popular kitchen
ab 21h PKK (warm beer and loud music)
ab 22h concert: Djevara (Alternative Hardcore)

Thursday, 05. June
18h Bertholdsbrunnen: Antifa-ralley „In memoy of Clément and all the others“
20h Café: lecture „stick to money – capitalism and antisemitism“
from 22h concert: Classless Kulla (Breakbeats)

Friday, 06. June
15h G19: free flee market
18h Café: lecture „culture industry and street art”
20h popular kitchen
20h Café: EA lecture „Privacy post Snowden“

Saturday, 07. June
14h Johanneskirche: Parade-Demonstration „Love or Hate – You can get it if you really want“ mit mobile popular kitchen
from 21h concert: Fnfn (Experimentelles Elektronisches), Dorfpunkx (Techno/hardtekk), Joke (Alternative|Crossover|Balkan|Ska), 勢い (Emo | Mathrock)

Sunday, 08. June
Finnisage of the exhibition
gettign sober, cleaning, closure
maybe Punk@s-Picnic at teh holy Münster


If not marked differently events are happening at KTS, Baslerstraße 103, 79100 Freiburg.


This is just a preview of the program. A more detailed program will be published in an extra edition of the Koraktor-magazine. Furthermore events might alter and additional events are possible.


further information: http://www.kts-freiburg.org/