AZ Cologne eviction? No Way!

Für ein autonomes Zentrum

The political mission of cologne's city council has been known for a while now: The autonomous center in Kalk has to be removed and from the 30th of July 2013 there is an immediate threat of eviction. The AZ, which has been squatted and self-organized for more than three years now, cannot be removed and because nobody talked to us or involved us in any planing we while hereby declare our own political mission.


We are bloody pissed...

and we won't be part of these developments no longer! Constantly living space is violently taken from us. In wage-labor or by unemployment harassments, in the educational sector, in the residential market, in public spaces or in the health and care sector. All areas of life are being privatized and commodified, people often live on their own with their individual problems, in isolation, cut off and in competition to each other. Those who can't or don't want to consume have no place in this society! Those who try to find alternative ways of life and ideas are a threat to the European and especially German austerity policy. Resistance shall be nipped in the bud. Neonazis and secret police are rooted in the same idea and are still active, critical people have to face repression, are observed and put to jail. A eurocized “migrationmanagement” - which divides human beings into useful and not usable, which is responsible for the deaths of thousands of non-white (and therefore supposedly less worth) humans, which locks people into camps and demoralizes and incapacitates with a purposely deterrent asylum-system, even driving people to suicide – defends the century old perpetuation of colonial exploitation and power distribution.


We have reasons and the unbending will

to defend our spaces of social change that we fought so hard for. We want to continue to engage with authority. We don't want to be human capital, we want to live together and not against each other! We want to discuss, argue and make power visible! Everything we have swallowed about patriarchal reasoning, acting and perception, about racist matters of course and all the other socially grown political power structures that force us every day to perform, to alienate and to compete in nearly all spheres of life. These social conditions, that try to separate us employing all means necessary! We won't accept this violence which is perceived as normal no longer!


Solidarity can't be evicted!


The eviction of AZ Cologne has previously already been stopped at the last second. Let's make it visible, that we don't want to and won't abstain from the uncountable lovely and important experiences around the AZ and it's users. And that we are in solidarity with the AZ, but also with other emancipatory projects. All over Europe left-wing “spaces” are currently under attack, to stop critical thought and resistance during a time where the current social system has already been proven to be broken and a complete failure.


Responsibility? Well, where is it?

Again and again responsibilities are delegated to the upper political spheres or straight into a vacuum. Responsibility starts with us and our direct surroundings. The politicians partly responsible for the threat of eviction have shown again how politics are supposed to work and make it clear that theories of extremism and capitalist “necessities” don't allow real democracy, but only protect the bourgeois-extremist and totalitarian ideologies and principles, which shall wipe out any anti-authoritarian currents. Die responsibility for our life can't simply be delegated... We will be angry and come to Cologne with as many friends and comrades as possible!


Whether IvI Frankfurt, Villa Amalias, Delta Squat, Lelas Karagiannis, Kukutza, the squatted houses of Calais or AZ Cologne

You can destroy or sell the buildings, but not the ideas and the power that made them!


Come to Cologne! Inform yourself and others! Prepare statements and actions of solidarity! Prepare yourselves and take some time before and after the 30th of June 2013 and defend AZ Cologne with us.


Autonome WUT Düsseldorf


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Campaign „Kein Tag Ohne“ [german]


Some background material on AZ and the city [german]


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