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From the 1st to 3rd February the 12th meeting of Indymedia linksunten took place in Freiburg. About 25 Indymedia activists participated in the discussions and workshops in the Autonomous Centre KTS Freiburg throughout the weekend. We are happy to announce that linksunten is growing continously. At the 12th meeting all discussions again led to a consensus in a pleasantly open atmosphere.


Love and Hate


Like at the 11th linksunten meeting several (spontaneous) workshops took place. New and old moderators extended their cryptographic knowledge so that the meeting resembled in parts the cryptoparty which is planned for the 16th of February in the KTS. Alongside moderation and administration workshops we prepared a ticker for breaking news to support the protests against the announced Nazi rally on the 13th of February in Dresden. Furthermore, we will support the antifascist protests against the Nazi rally on the 1st of May in Frankfurt am Main. We have configured an unencrypted WML page for basic mobile phones which are often used in street actions. If you make sure that you pay for the amount of data opposed to the time you are connected than you can get information provided by local antifascist organisations in German and English for little money: or


Where are we now?


Of course, we have discussed the status quo of Indymedia linksunten and the situation of Indymedia in the German-speaking reagions. We still think that decentralisation and the creation of new Independent Media Centres is a major goal on our road to a sturdy and tenacious network of independent media which helps creating a radical alternative to capitalims which monopolise everything. As the number of postings in Indy linksunten continuously rises we have reaffirmed our commitment to moderate promptly. To respond to this challenge we agreed that the workload will be shared among more moderators in the future . This is possible thanks to new mods who want to become part of the collective. We will still promote a broad network not limited to one political opinion. Moderating and the transparency of our decisions are some of our primary goals. One example are the minutes of the meeting which can be found in our wiki:


Donate to tachanka!


Finally, we have talked about how to fund Indymedia linksunten. Our hosting network tachanka! faces high costs as so many people use Indymedia linksunten. Therefore, we need donations to cover the costs for our web server, our search server and the bandwidth. If you want to support linksunten with money please donate directly to tachanka! and send us a mail so that we know that the expenses have been covered. Keep showing solidarity, struggle on and don't forget our comrades in prison.


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Communiqué from 04.02.2013