Nickos Koundardas on Hunger and Thirst Strike demanding his freedom


A summary of what has happened up to now and his last letter from the Hospital Ward where he is imprisoned.

On Saturday May 16  anarchist Nickos Kountardas was ordered in pre-trial detention under the pretext of his supposed non-abiding to the bail conditions previously set to him. Nickos had been ordered to appear to his local police station (in the northern city of Xanthi) twice a month. At his previous appearance he was informed he could not sign the paper proving his presence, under a bureaucratic pretext (that his case’s folder had not been transferred to the local station yet). The next time he appeared to the same station (on May 16), he was arrested!


Next day, on Sunday May 17 Nikos was transferred to the prison of Komotini, where he was placed in solitary confinement. Two days later, on May 19, in an obvious attempt to be isolated from the solidarity movement around him, he was transferred to the remote prison of Amfissa, in central Greece.

Nickos went on thirst and hunger strike from the night of May 16, the night of his arrest. He stopped the thirst strike on May 23 when was informed that there will be a court date set for him while he continued to be on hunger strike, demanding his immediate release. Doctors warn that Nickos’s health is deteriorating and that he is fast approaching a non-reversible condition.


Solidarity actions have taken place in many cities around Greece, while on May 22 Nickos was transferred to the General Hospital of Nikaia in Athens. Yesterday on May 27 he resumed the Thirst Strike while he is still on Hunger Strike since May 16. Yesterday he managed to secretly send the following letter that reached comrades outside:



"I ‘m writing a few words on a  napkin. In secret. They have forbidden me everything. I am in a state of complete isolation. I don't know what’s happening outside. Real terrorism exerted from the deep State itself. However, I believe I haven’t said my last word. I hope these will reach the outside world and will become known, propagated. Whatever happens. To hear the testimony of my soul that I have given a week ago to Radio Revolt. The situation and the conditions in here remind of other dark ages. They are all furious with me. I do not know if I’ m considered a political prisoner of their democracy, the only sure thing is that if someday their sovereignty collapses I may perhaps be recognized as a former casualty or former prisoner of their “democracy”. Something like the actual, frequently advertised and honoured, recognisable by all “released and exiled by the dictatorship”(1967-1974). Until then what would you expect... deafening silence. Silence like “omerta” that should not “break”. It doesn't matter, one day they'll understand, maybe the people will wake up.


Here and now in the State Hospital, they have put me in here since Friday after they transported me in almost a coma condition, with pressure 7-5, glykose 45, weighing 6 kilograms less. I'll try and describe what's going on. The doctors tried to inject me with IV water, however I did not accept. In any case I generally have to admit that despite the pressure by the State the doctors have kept a decent attitude. However, during the course of the night, on the dawn of dawn of Saturday, while I was unconscious a strange woman escorted by policemen entered the room and injected me with glykozated water and vitamins. This is an incident that I want to make public and denounce, while the fact can also be testified by the one and only patient detained in the room with me.


What I want to say is that we may all imagine what also happened to Savvas Xiros (injured by a bomb blast) in Evangelismos Hospital. And since I have talked about Friday, I want to thank all the friends and comrades that upset the area around the hospital (solidarity protest). It was moving and pleasant for me while unpleasant for the enemy. Also I want to thank all the people that came outside the hospital the next morning. It was a gesture that livened up my soul. I heard of and was really glad for the great protest in Xanthi, a city that gives birth to anarchists. As well as for the attacks against the riot police in Trikoupi Str in the cities of Athens and Thessalonica. I THANK all the friends and comrades from every corner of the Greek space for their diversified solidarity.


Now for some different kind of thanks.

  •  I “thank” the "people in charge" from the Ministry of Justice that are crowding outside the guarded Hospital Ward that they keep me in order to resolve my problem.
  • I “thank” the Public Prosecutor and Police authorities that within a matter of 10 minutes they managed to prepare a case against me, while the responsible for my release Council of Judges of Komotini requires more than 10 days.
  • I “thank” the humanguards for their “kind” treatment during my transfer-abduction from Komotini Prison, worthy and exemplary for a prisoner in hunger and thirst strike.
  • I “thank” my inmate in Komotini Prison that in solidarity abstained from food, and burned the Prison Ward when he heard of my torture and continues supporting me despite me “suspicious” fight.
  • I “thank” here in the State Hospital the guards that allow me to make phonecalls, “respects” the personal data and in general “respects” the rights of a prisoner.
  • I “thank” the para-government that has "not" threatened my parents...
  • Finally I “thank” in advance all the scam that will defame and slander this second and difficult effort of mine to pursue my rights.

Today, Wednesday 27/5/09 noon I began the 2nd and last hunger and thirst strike. I will fight for my right by any means necessary. If there's no solution then it’s WAR WAR WAR!


While closing this letter I ‘m asking for two favours. I had promised something to Alexis in P.Faliro, perhaps I won’t be able to make it. Comrades, please spread this now during the exam school period for those who want to study in Universities: December the 6th 2008 – June the 6th 2009. No students and schoolmates this year to be candidates to join the Police Force.




And finally, protect those in Xanthi as if it was your own eyes

I'm not of this world




With True Love, Nickos Koundardas"



Please, contribute to the summary in english (or other translations) so we can add more details and begin spreading this around the globe to inform people about his situation.

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