NATO summit in Almería/Spain cancelled


NATO cancelled its second public summit outside Brussels. Planned was the meeting of 28 foreign ministers  for actual May in Almeria/Spain. Almeria is foreseen as NATOs headquarter of the "Mediterrenean Dialogue"(MD) partnership. The reasons officially accused for the delay  were "economic crisis" of the partnership countries.


Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos proposed Almeria in Oktober 2008. He travelled twice to Israel after the Ghaza-war and Knesset elections for preparations.  He could not find any arrangement with his new counter-part Avigdor Lieberman. In Gibraltar IDF is actually training air raids on Iran.


During 60th NATO-summit in Strassburg missed the decision on the proposal of a new global NATO strategy about the "Naumann-Papier" of NATOs leading strategists. NATO is hereby assumed to take more "preventive responsibility" on global security regarding a wide field of problems energy, climate change, migration and terrorism, and loose ties to UN and OECD. The new US administration of Barack OBAMA has not yet taken a clear position. The USA is actually occupied with its war in AfPak and to work up the Bush Era.


MedDial, a NATO partnership association consist of  Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Tunesia, Maroc, Mauretania, Algeria(since2000). Palaestine is rejected due to its unclear governmental status. MD agreements are bilateral(NATO+1) and multilateral (NATO+7) . In 2002 and 2004 MedDial helt major meetings expanding mutual cooperation. Jordan, Egypt and Maroc participated during wars in Bosnia and im Kosovo.