Police gives restraining orders (Platzverweise) for entire Baden-Baden

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Few hours before the blockades should start the police prohibits variouse individuals to physically be in Baden-Baden until midnight.

On 3.15 am the first activists were turned away: They are ordered to leave the urban area of Baden-Baden immediatelly if not they are threatened with sanctions because of "resistance against state power". The restaining order is not just for the yellow or red zone - it s for the entire city of Baden-Baden. There was no reason given by POK Huebner who gave these orders. Until midnigth these four activists are not allowed to enter Baden-Baden.


All night long there have been harrasement towards people arriving at the infopoint next tothe train station. The activists who are not willing to get searched expects problems with the police.

At least with a local restricition order the people can participate in the blockade of the streets between Baden-Baden and Strasbourg.


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