Police are simulating departure bans

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Various departments of Bundespolizei (German Border Police) imposed dozens of bans concerning departure from the country. The criteria for stopping people and searching them for hours were the looks and clothing of those concerned. An internal work instruction for all Bundespolizei offices has been made public in the evening and is also available to the Anwaltsnotdienst (Legal First Aid). The officers involved are instructed with "text modules for individually outlining the facts" in the document. The "text modules" have been brought up for refusing departure in numerous cases, using the same wording. This has been revealed by the examination of about 20 decisions that have been enacted yesterday during the day.


As suggested in the "text modules", five women have been alleged to have behaved "in a provoking and uncooperative way as members of a group against deployed officers" (those concerned had insisted on getting instructions about legal assistance and protested against the vexatious treatment). "This has been expressed by verbal as well as nonverbal communication", the copied decision elaborates. Black clothing is being interpreted as "typical for the scene", scarfs carried along are being interpreted as "objects for hooding". "According to police evaluation of the situation, they have to be associated with the scene that's ready for violence".


In fact, the final decision about a departure ban is not met by the respective office, but "remote-controlled" from the headquarters "BAO Kavala" (I think it's actually called "Atlantik" - translator) in Freiburg. The police is, among other things, using the database "Inpol-Neu" ("Inpol New"), for the assessment of the situation. Here, data about arrests, charges, the taking of photographs and fingerprints, or so-called "body descriptions" are saved. The BKA (German Federal Criminal Police Office), the LKAs (German State Criminal Police Offices), and the secret services can write data in it.


However, in the past there have been neither criminal investigations nor convictions against most of those concerned, nor had they been taken in custody before. So, the police are using other databases for the "outlook on perils". Another person concerned had successfully sued the BKA for deleting all his data in "Inpol-Neu". However, yesterday a departure ban has been declared against him in Kehl. On inquiry it was explained to him that for the justification there had been a "call to Berlin". It was not his "uncooperative demeanor", but on the contrary, his “will to cooperate" has been interpreted as "concealment of planned violent actions”.

We can facilitate contact with people concerned.