Border Ban for Anti-NATO protesters

Polizeikontrolle in Freiburg
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Before the NATO Summit in Strasbourg, Kehl and Baden-Baden the French-German border was controlled once again. The Schengen Agreement was suspended, which according to Article 23 Decree Nr. 562/2006 is only possible "in case of grave threat to public order or internal security." Dozens of protesters traveling from Germany were forbidden entry into France, Luxemburg and Switzerland. The German travel ban is valid till midnight on the 5th of April and can be enforced by a penalty of up to a year in prison. The French authorities did their part by imposing bans on incoming travel.


The Stuttgart federal police justified the travel bans as given to those "posing significant risk to the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. Due to these general circumstances there are facts that justify our assumption that your planned stay in France, especially concerning your participation in the demonstration in Strasbourg on 03/04.04.2009, involves instigating rioting and taking part in it yourself. The violent actions planned by you in France are able to damage the international image of the Federal Republic of Germany substantially. Such acts which consist of massive violence against people and property are also reported in the international media.“ At the German-French border crossing at Breisach it was literally stated: „We consider it necessary because in our eyes they pose a threat to the Federal Republic of Germany, and therefore its reputation.“


Concretely speaking the bans were based on existing entries in international police databases, despite the fact that a large number of the people involved had never been convicted in a court of law. A previous conviction for having stolen a bike at 14 years old, carrying a black hooded sweatshirt as well as travelling with "left militants" or being recognized as a "leftist anarchist" were also grounds for bans. The policy of the German police strongly resembles the approach against the „ultra-gauche anarcho-autonome“ in France. With groundless assumptions the authorities are trying to criminalize political engagement on this side of the Rhein.


After the travel bans on April 1st a number of people came to the KTS in Freiburg. The Autonomous Zentrum was the Convergence Center against the NATO summit between the 25th and 31st of March. On the 30th of March over 2000 protestors participated in an anti-militarism march in Freiburg, which was also planned to be the high point of anti-NATO activities in Freiburg. They were confronted with unparalleled agitation by police and the Bild-Zeitung and with the largest police deployment of the last 30 years in Freiburg. At the moment the KTS can barely accommodate further protesters turned away at the border, and the question of a new occupation in the city arises if the current border policies continue. Even so, we mobilize towards Strasbourg, because we want to face those responsible for NATO, where they celebrate their politics of war.

We come drunk with fire, now more than ever, into your sanctuary!

Autonome Antifa Freiburg Communiqué from 02.04.2009

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wir sind einige menschen/gruppen, die an der einreise gehindert wurden und nun uns in baden-baden rumtreiben werden. in baden-baden gibt es laut ankündigung (siehe unten) einen infopoint, mit legal team und mobiler vokü. desweiteren findet am donnerstag abend eine angemeldete kundgebung statt. am freitag gibt es die "block baden-baden"-demo ab 11 uhr.
wir wissen gerade nicht, was alles in baden-baden vorhanden ist. jedoch werden wir jetzt vor ort sein und gucken, dass es eine tragfähige info- und aktionsstruktur gibt, um unseren protest gegen die nato noch adäquat zum ausdruck zu bringen. also, kommt massenhaft nach baden-baden and lets rock them!
achtet auf weitere infos!
seite von "block baden-baden":
infotelefon vom kts in freiburg: 0761-400 20 96