Camp Press Release Regarding the Border Restrictions and Provocation

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Press Release 1.4.2009


* Border entry denied on grounds of looks and clothing
* Further provocation at the Camp


As German and French police have, since Tuesday afternoon, banned activists from crossing the French border, a bilateral strategy to hinder the protests against the upcoming NATO Summit has become clear. The German and French authorities are attempting to criminalize the resistance to the conference by labeling it at “terrorism” or the work of “ultra leftist and anarcho-autonomous networks.” The French Interior Minister, Alliot-Marie, has declared the planned blockade as a “threat of terrorism” and “unrest of radical proportion”
Alliot-Marie is well-known in France for her repressive activities against social movements.  After her appointment in 2007, she reorganized the secret services and the police and began an offensive against what she calls the “anarcho-autonomous movement.”
The result: scores of investigations and arrests, which have generated massive critique, solidarity, and demonstrations.  These actions have been renewed at the border crossing at Alten and also Goldscheuer, where more and more activists are being denied entry.  The criteria for such rejections: looks, clothing, and the carrying of documents and flyers critical of NATO. In addition, Hetger, the President of the Police in Baden-Württemberg [where the conference is being held], announced last week a “preselecting” and “preparation” for activists at the border. 
The camp in Strasbourg has also been subject to further provocation from the police. During a group plenum, the BAC (Brigade anti criminalité, civil police) engaged camp residents and attempted to ascertain their identity.  The BAC is known for regularly employing “agents provocateurs” in the outlying suburbs of Strasbourg and sparking resistance, which is then responded to with repressive measures.  After the numerous campers proved to be able to fend off the attack, the police shot so-called “shock grenades” over the tents.

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