Its a Shame!


Who is screaming "Anticapitalism", cant get off of Violence, because Capitalism IS Violence!
A Comment to "We dont pay your crisis!"-Demonstration-Atmosphere at 12th June 2010, in Berlin.


I didnt wanted go to the Demonstration. Reason: I am alone because personally struggles with the scene organisating these demonstrations. I feel unprepaired for an militante confrontation, with repression and I feel physically closed out in actions afterwards. I didnt wanted get frustrated. My focus was lying on the autonomic squatter-demonstration "Create Utopia!", which wanted start at 16 a clock after the radical left Demonstration in the morning. I had a bad depression to support both of  the demonstrations. Reason: While in a land all social services get quit, the politic is building up an obstruction police state, the society is working for an consume profit orientied industry, I would expect that there is an emergency situation, visible one evening before the demonstrations as well. That the demonstration is planed out of an deadly crisis of hunger and fear. I would be sure that such a crisis would bring together people dont like each other, if they are part of same political opinions, so that there is an atmosphere of vehemence, before demonstration official starts. That there is an will to attack an mentality of right conservative (I mean with this the getting as normal accepted sexism for example) and unhumanity flair of society of humans inside the country. I would expect that all demonstrations like this would count on a revolution!

I was frustrated because my fear became true. There was no revolutionary will on the demonstration!
Nobody wanted change our realisonships to build up allys against the system! Nobody wanted fight on all levels! Everybody was looking for peacefull rights inside the system - The Demonstration organisation wasnt going the step to let the demonstration escalate in beginning to smash the attack of the right of absolute movement freedom back to the caserns the police came from. So thousands of people (me as well) were walking under the pressure of their leaders, like every day. The Fact that this was an minority on the street which having a problem with this, showed, there is no social problem in germany! So there is no reason for an revolution, yet! Especally because this reality the demonstration had the chance to support the anticapitalist topic of the black block and could starting an vehement resistance act against the rules of demonstrating, state and capitalist allday inside the german state! Nothing happens!

Even the anticapitalist block were working together with the capitalist social thinking. Drinking beer, splitting in different infinity groups, splitting in different partys, accepting the police as masters. toleranting the power of their weapons against the civil population!

As the Police attacked the anticapitalist block nobody were reacting, not even the democracy controll organs! The onliest show of civil courage were the persons using the fire cracker! This was the onliest show of resistance against the capitalist system in germany on this day, at this demonstration! This was the onliest revolutionary act on this demonstration! This and the speech from the loudspeaker waggon. Unstead to use both to demonstrate anger and political militance against the police and the judges, the hole demonstration accepted that people get in arrest, splitted in different partys and continued their boring walking for an "social" world nobody was living out of them selv.

It is a shame that political scene is hidding them selv in their own structures to debate the media attack of these fire cracker, dement it, excuse them selv, talk about sensibility for afraid demonstration visitors unstead to ask why there are afraid?, and to invite people which are able to handle violence and must be afraid to live alone or in prison or get killed because they get no support and no demonstration they can go to live out their need to an radical politic against the society they cant survive in. Its a shame that the left autonomic scene and the radical left is going into the trap of secret services to accept these propaganda against the fire cracker! - Unstead to answer "We dont give a fuck!" - And - Tell the reasons why the capitalist system is an massmurder which is allowed to get attacked every day, every minute, every where! Hard as we decice its neccasery!

I cant understand why an anticapitalist block is joining allys with intitutions of these left society which is stabilising the state basics of an social state let the people controlled with an "nice" name unstead going forward to cancel capitalist logic. The demonstrations of 12th of june 2010 was an queerfront of capitalist consuments attacking a problem inside the state, not the state as problem of it self! If I cant feel a wish to change this one night before an demonstration, inside my own realisonships, there is no need for me to visit one of these demonstrations. If even the autonomic scene is together with the radical left attacking the persons using the fire cracker against the cops, just because fear to loose their privilegs inside the system; I can say that I am solidarity with these persons, no matter if this was an provocateur of police* or an riot interessted kid, this would be my comrade to let the police know that where ever where we are, they having no controll and no legitimation about the people, the way to organisate the construction of social living.  If radical left and left autonomics in germany try to build up an etiquette they must know that they are not longer anymore our friends, that they are backstabbers, corrupted by the state!

There is no discussion room. The problem on the 12th of june 2010 were the police, the industrial system, the state which is protecting it and the human society which is accepting it to get their social consume products! Everybody of these construction is living a war against the planet we are living on - Everybody of them must know, if they dont stop this war or if they accept these war in peaceful tolerance, that we are never saying "yes" to an battle break, that we ever and ever will attack these war of social coldness and industrial capitalist slavery!

There is nothing more to say as: Everybody which is going into these debate let the system survive! Everybody who dont answer those which started these Debatte, that we dont have to excuse in front of them, is victim of the mechanism of putting our attention off of the industrial, political and social leaders!

Every politican which is sending police to these conflict is taking the responsibility of these confrontation!

Every Person, doesnt matter how opposition they feel, which is accepting that a day is ending with the know how that the next morning is bringing new dead living beeings worldwide, because the revolution stopps in afternoon after the demonstration, is an backstabber of anticapitalism and cant speak for our movement!

So there is no discussion! In the moments the police is showing up the capitalist system is going into a war against us, that means, no demonstration right, that means, we are under attack! That means we will defend us! The state is choosing the tools - We are just answering on same level!


*It doesnt matter who the Person was which were using the fire cracker because the fact that there was an revolutionary will to eskalate an deadly harmony of existing system is in itself automaticly working for our movement to show the cops that the capitalist system is not controllable, that we are not against the crisis, WE ARE the crisis, which is chaos and cant work for any state. So even a agent of provocateur was starting the fire cracker, if this is the begin of an militant pushing back the police, this is open an freespace moment of revolutionary action, this is going into an revolution. after an anticapitalist revolution even the cop need a new job which was starting the fire cracker. that means he cant use it to arrest people because if every body of us is going into these logic of resistance on all levels everytime, they cant controll us, not even inside the prison. that means we must not discuss the details of whats happend, we just have to answer the debate of it self why where and when we are allowed to break out of our controll, the violence against us!