Statement from the plenary of the anticapitalist Camp

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Statement from the plenary of the anticapitalist Camp

The participants of the anticapitalist camp decided today (Tuesday, 4th of July) to not let police and courts keep bullying them any longer. We won't accept the repressiv precautions, which the camp has had to endure since the first registration as political assambly no more! We will take down our tents and continue with our protest in different ways on different places.

The preparation group went through all levels of jurisdictions to get the camp set up. Our goal was to create a place of exchange, possibility to connect and recover for protesters as well as sleepingplaces and possibilitys for washing. Under these circumstances this is not possible at this place.

The federal constutional court in Karlsruhe said our camp is a declaration of political protest, the administrativ court Hamburg said  the same and explicitly allowd sleeping tents and infrastructure on the camp. Police disobeyd this rouling and brutaly attacked the camp on July 2nd in order to steel sleeping tents. This coup of the police against the juristisdiction and the support of the administration of Hamburg showed once again that political opposition against the rouling system is not possible on a legal way. We won't ask for permission any longer, now we're gonna take what we need!


We wont accapt and more the completly inacceptable bullying of the police, including walking through the camp all the times, holding up participants, food and press. We don't want to wait and be reliant on the justice and hope for just a little better conditios.

We join in on the call of "wütende Gruppen des Widerstands against G20" and call for people to enforce a camp in hamburg. Squat all places and look for places where we can shape the protest on our own terms!

see you in the City!

the plenary of the Anticapitalist camp.

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vielen vielen dank für all die arbeit, die ihr in dieses camp gesteckt habt! es hätte der beste widerständige ort in dieser woche werden kö wurde der ort an dem sich zeigte, dass wir uns, wie ihr ja auch schreibt, auf ihre regeln garnicht mehr einlassen müssen. ich bin euch dankbar, dass ihr es trotzdem versucht habt die komplizierten und langwierigen rechtlichen wege zu beschreiten, um einen sicheren und widerständigen ort zu schaffen. ich hab mich gefreut auf die workshops, die barrios und die vernetzung auf dem antikapitalistischen camp. jetzt müssen wir uns in den straßen wiederfinden. aber wir werden uns sicher wiederfinden. und wir werden überall ruhige ecken finden (und sie uns nehmen!), zum runter kommen und zum pläne schmieden.

passt gut aufeinander auf!