[Yes we camp] Wendland Altmark Barrio at Johanniskirche

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For months there have been demands for space for political resistance against the G20 and their World. Today at 10 am the deadline for the city to provide a camp space passed. Now we will take the city.


We, the Wendland-Altmark Barrio were harrassed by the police directly upon arriving in Hamburg and were stopped for several hours and had our cars checked. Our original plan to be present as barrio structure at the Antikapitalistische Camp does not seem realistic at this point as the police tries to prevent a real camp at all costs.



Therefore we now took the space we need. We set up an Infopoint at Johanniskirche near the intersection Stresemannstra├če/Max-Brauer Allee. Right now we have benches, tables, an info tent and the first tent for sleeping. Cops passed by with two patrol cars but left again. There are some people here, the mood is good and there is food. Neighbours already showed solidarity as well.


Come join us!

Info phone Wendland Altmark Barrio 0049 151 4533 2444

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I have just been there and I can tell you: this is the coolest camp ever! And well protected by the church, the police seem to respect that!


Come and join! Attack G20!