Internationalistic anti-nuclear summer camp and Free Flow festival near Gorleben in north Germany

Widerstandscamp FreeFlow Festival

A camp will take place between August 7 and 16, 2017 on the meadow, for which activists and interested people from all over the world are invited. Not as a competition but as a supplement to the Camp at Döbeln, we are planning lectures, discussions, workshops and an action day on the subject of nuclear waste, nuclear transports, uranium mining and human rights. We hope to live the integration of the issues and activists of the Wendland and to carry out some networking covering all continents and issues.

We will try to invite people from Standing Rock to Gedelitz within the scope of a tour, as a symbolic gesture of our solidarity support and as an expression for our mutual fight. Boarding is planned with the Vokü in addition to a small-scale menu of the Wiese Pub. The price for the Camp shall be affordable for everybody and shall be graded. Children are free. The Free Flow Festival will take place on the weekend.


Resistance Camp

August 7 – 16, 2017 – Gedelitz/Wendland

Regional – Nationwide – International


The people around Gorleben have experienced 40 years full of anti-nuclear resistance and creative fantasy against the plans of the atomic industry. The colourful movement has fought for the compliance with fundamental rights with a lot of civil courage campaigning for a future without an overexploitation of fossil energies (müsste das nicht eigentlich fossile Energieträger heißen?) and for the consequent development of renewable energy sources.

The temporary nuclear waste disposals threaten to become permanent waste disposals, whereas it is not clear, how long the nuclear waste containers stored in such disposal facilities will remain without leaks.

Now, by law the least unsuitable final repository shall be searched for on a “white map” with Gorleben as the black spot. When this least unsuitable location will actually be ready to hold the waste, is still completely unclear. The nuclear power plants continue to produce heaps of waste despite the “phasing out of nuclear energy” politically decided about and the German nuclear industry is still allowed to supply fuel rods to nuclear power plant on a worldwide scale.

What are our perspectives, not only in the field of anti-nuclear activities? Let’s talk about it in the camp.


The Programme


So far (May 2017), the following workshops, presentations and information are planned:

  • Working Group “Gorleben is everywhere”, international networking

  • Don’t nuke the climate, World Climate Summit Bonn

  • State of facts Gorleben and law on search for final repository

  • Disposal fiasco (Konrad mine)

  • Uranium mining

  • Workshop radiation

  • Guided tour of the Gorleben nuclear facilities

  • Fracking and hazards of oil- and gas exploration

  • Standing Rock – Indian resistance

  • End of site – Stop coal

  • The solar stage presents itself

  • Refuge Wendland – Assistance for refugees

  • Wendland alliance against right-wing

  • Wendland growth change

  • Computer safety

  • Tree climbing training

  • Action training

  • How to build a compost toilet

  • Exhibition civil courage

  • Exhibition fracking

  • Literature salon with readings and discussions


Contact us, if you want to offer something:

Joint actions at the nuclear facilities

Saturday, August 12, 11 – 14 hours


The camp is held on the meadow at the Wiese pub.

The Fläming Kitchen is on site as Volxküche. Please state early, whether kids will come with you, so we can plan a children programme. The contribution to costs to participate and perform the camp will be made staggered: reduced, cot-covering and soli. Children up to the age of 14 will not pay anything.

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Free Flow Festival August 11 – 13


Embedded in the camp – culture and fun will always be together – the traditional Free Flow Festival will again take place, which will be supported, as well as the camp, by the Solar Festival. This festival will offer other music than that offered by commercial festivals. The focus is on improvised, jazzy, ethnic and psychedelic music with the participation of high-class musicians with the option of jam sessions including the public – be ready for surprises! Line Up i.a. Stahlband, Ständige Vertretung, Courtney Yellow Fat (Standing Rock), Pflanzenmusik, Strom …

Festival-Infos: www.

Resistance Camp

Free Flow Festival



Camp: August 7 – 16

Festival: August 11 – 19

Live Music, Actions,

Workshop Laughing

International Anti-Nuke Networking

12.8. – Action at the nuclear facilities