Memmingen: Neo-Nazi Clubhouse Torched

Memmingen · ©Franz Kustermann

On 22.04, a demonstration against neo-Nazi activists took place in Memmingen under the slogan ‘Remembering means Fighting’ in the Allgäu, with many antifascists taking to the streets. As important as we find such things, it is still very disappointing when at demonstrations we hear slogans like ‘There are Nazis in this city/form gangs and flatten them!’, but in practice the largest neo-Nazi group in Bavaria used a clubhouse in the city for months and a neo-Nazi music label, ‘Oldschool Records’ is located a few kilometers away and there has been hardly any visible resistance against either.


And so there is hardly any question of ‘flattening’. This is why we decided to take action on the night of 24.04 to 25.04. We set an incendiary device in the clubhouse of the neo-Nazi group ‘Voice of Anger’ in the hope that other antifascists would be inspired to take similar actions and establish a militant antifascist resistance in Upper Swabia and the Allgäu. Because there is no quiet hinterland!