MEANTRAITORS - psychobilly for rightwingers and nazi-skins on tour through Europe

Meantraitors Promo Pic, the leadsinger Stas is wearing Thor Steinar

The russian Psychobilly-Band THE MEANTRAITORS is touring through europa. The „2017 Spring-a-Bily-Tour“ started in Latvia on March 3rd and will be finshed in Krakow on April 9th. The first seven concerts were be played. But since some activists recognised who is coming to their cities and their clubs more and more concerts were cancelled because of the involvement of the band into the selfproclaimed unpolitical rock scene in Russia whic his well connected to the Rock-Against-Communism (RAC) and also the Blood & Honour network in Russia and Europe. It is really disturbing that a Band with very good contacts to rightwing subcultures and with rightwing fans is playing in alternative (White Trash / Berlin) or even communist (ARCI Camalli / Italy) and leftwing locations. It is aweful that a band like MEANTRAITORS which since the 90ies has no problem with RAC bands and fans can eash their brown attitude as unpolitical.


The background of the band MEANTRAITORS is in Russia well known. Since the late 90ies the band was involved into different controversial debates. The band played 1997 together with the RAC bands Sturm and Vandal in Moscow. Soon after that gig a concert with the russian Blood & Honour Band Kolovrat was planned. The leadsinger Stas Bogorad knew the nazi-band Kolovrat from the early 90ies, when he was one of the organisers of a concert for Kolovrat. The connection to rightwingers continues until today. In 2014 the band played a concert with the russian racist metal band Korroziya Metalla. The singer of this band was involved in different activities connected to nazis since the 90ies. But even more disturbing is that this band is using the nazi-symbol‚ black sun‘ in their band-logo. In december 2015 the MEANTRAITORS played with the right wing rock band Via Sboi from Sankt Petersburg which is part of the RAC movement in russia. So, the band MEANTRAITORS has no problem to party, to play and to organise concerts with RAC, Blood & Honour and other rightwing bands.


Another important detail is that the singer Stas Bogorod sold clothing of the german nazi-label Thor Steinar and Erik & Sons in a Online shop on vkontakte at least until December 2016. In the last days he deleted the site. But via google-Cache or the WayBackMachince of you can check that the site was active until 2016 and also his homepage was still Online until 2016. The connection to the nazi-label Thor Steinar and Erik & Sons of the Band and Stas is also proved by dozens of flyers and pics were you can see Stas or other band members wearing Thor Steinar clothes. They even used a pic were Stas is wearing a Thor Steinar muscle shirt to promote their crowdfunding campaign to produce their new album in 2016. And even on the pic to promote their gig at Wild at Heart in Berlin Stas is wearing Thor Steinar.


But another detail is much more disturbing. Because it emphasizes why its so important to cut any contacts to rightwing subculture, to nazi networks like RAC and Blood & Honour and to stopp to play for rightwing fans. It is well known that since the 90ies on the concerts of MEANTREATORS are many nazi-skins. These fans were also in Sankt Petersburg in February when they played as the support of the band EXPLOITED. This group of nazi-skins showed permantly the nazi-salute. After that gig outside the club some „Sieg Heil“ screaming nazis attacked a young punk with knives. He died few minutes after the attack.


So, collaboration with rightwingers, nazi-skins or RAC and B&H is not just awfully stupid and excludes people, in consequence it also can kill people. That is why every collaboration with rightwingers should be stopped. And because MEANTRAITORS are so well connected to rightwing networks, because they have no problem to party, to play and to organise concerts with RAC, Blood & Honour and other rightwing bands they should not play in alternative or leftwing locations.


Here are some links to still known events of the tour after at least four cancellations:


Dordrecht, 19. März hxxps://

Languedoc-Rous, 29 März hxxps://

Clerment-Feraund, 30. März hxxps://

Barcelona, 2. April hxxps://

Madrid, 3. April hxxps://

Berlin, 7. April hxxps://

Praha, 8. April hxxps://

Krakow, 9. April hxxps://

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Das Bild mit der Puppe auf dem Flyer diente auch als Cover für den Böhse Onkelz Bootleg "Berühmt und Berüchtigt".

Sie spielen leider im Wild At Heart. Muss sich um nen Fluchigkeitsfehler handeln, und ich denke dass die Band noch heute ausgeladen wird, soweit ich die Betreiber einschätze!?

Gut ! Jetzt auf das Wild At Hearts' konzert Kalender steht "T.B.A ... (to be anounced)" es bedeutet dass der konzert ist wahrscheinlich hier auch abgesagt !

Sorry für mein deutsch :)

Let's kill the junkie, let's kill the gay - Meantraitors

Black Moon Temple, gig promoter and 14 Jours Plus Tard, in charge of the venue Raymond Bar, immediately decided to cancel the Meantraitors gig at Raymond Bar in Clermont-Ferrand supposedly happening on 30th March 2017.

There will be a quote explaining why later online today and I'll try to translate it in English for you to make it known. We're very sorry to our fans and followers about the inconvenience it may have caused to anyone but we really weren't aware about the nazi-scum activies of this so-called band: Russian scene information being difficult to find, plus it was proposed by a third person outside both associations and the band concealed cautiously its activities in a "readable and acceptable" biography.

Thanks for the infos anyway... This is be our first and last error on this dangerous topic nowadays and forever... in 13 years of promoting gigs.


Carry on the fight,


Nazism Kills! Seriously Damages The Mental Health!


Black Moon Temple & Raymond Bar


Errare Humanum Est Perseverare Diabolicum.

same error by some support bands, which are truly antifa and anti-nazi. They just didn't know the whole truth, even though Meantraitors made a statement telling they are not nazis.