[DD] Social Center 4 All Dresden

First imaginations about what our social center is: A Social Center for all is a social network and a political free space.



- is a space to connect

- is open for all an inclusive

- organized basically democratic

- tries to be as free from discrimination, hierarchy an and feer, as possible

- is a safe space against antisemitism, racism, sexism, homophobia and lookism

- offers safety

- is across all age groups

- is uncommercial

- is barrier-free

- has affordable offers

- offers orientation and is a contactpoint for everyday problems

- is well networked and based on common solidarity

- is based on responsibility and active participation

- is independent

- empowers ourselves and motivates each other

- is a space of solidarity

- a space to spend our leisure time



- has an extra safe space and a structure of awarness

- offers space for workshops, events, political meeting and more

- offers space for common leisure activities

- offers space for common dinners

- could offer living space for people in precarious situations

- is space for common political organization

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