Mexico: Attack on the WEST PLAZA PARK industrial project in Zapopan


Bit by bit we have started to drown in this concrete jungle, provoked by the progress of a decadent system that is driven on by a few individuals who think they own the world. They have been laying waste to it bit by bit, and even now they continue to pillage wild nature in an attempt at domination. Against them, we appeal to direct action to put the brakes on the machinery that devours these spaces, such as Primavera Forest [lit. Spring Forest, a so-called “protected natural area” outside of Zapopan].

To all those who threaten wild nature and our lives, we say that we will not stop until we see you destroyed. This is the beginning, and we are ready for more. Today it was just the machinery that we burned – tomorrow it could be the lives of those who demand the destruction and looting of nature. We are not interested in dialogues or pacts with your authorities, we don’t want the donation of small spaces that you call nature preserves or protected areas – we don’t want your scraps of forests, and we will not engage in dialogue for the liberty that was stolen from us. We are tired of resisting as we have for more than 500 years now – this is our moment and we are taking the offensive. We will not cross our arms and watch how you destroy the earth, taking flora and fauna with it.


In the early morning of Monday, July 15, we attacked the construction site of WEST PLAZA PARK, a future warehouse and industrial ship company. This project was being built in the vicinity of the Primavera Forest, an ecosystem that is in grave danger due to the construction of subdivisions and infrastructure projects. The need to defend this territory has become evident when what little defense is shown takes place through ambiguous and insipid campaigns.

Thus, we lay claim to the burning of construction equipment, excavators, transport vehicles, and industrial tubing on your property.

We waited in the forest before coming out to attack. The moon and the fireflies lit up the night, before melting together with the fires of the savages.

In defense of all that is savage.