Anti-fascist and anarchist from Russia needs help and solidarity

Good afternoon. My name is Oleg. I am a member of the anarchist and anti-fascist movement in Russia. For a long time I was a member of Autonomous Action and coordinator of the local group Avitonomous Action Izhevsk.


Now I was seriously ill because of the severe brain injury that caused me to neo-Nazis during the attack. I would be very happy if hlt someone helped me, because I am no longer 10 years has been an active fighter for freedom and justice.

I really need help to pay for the treatment of the effects of brain injury. Unfortunately, my income is not enough to fully treated, so I beg you to help me.


Hello, my name is Oleg Serebrennikov. I'm 32 years old and I’ve been anti-fascist and socialist over the last 15 years, so I am one of the few people who was at the origin of the anti-fascist movement in Izhevsk.

During all that time, the Nazis and the police have been preventing me from leaving a normal life; there were many attacks, threats and acts of intimidation from the neo-Nazis. Apart of that, the local police was trying to initiate criminal proceedings etc.

On 23 February 2004 after a protest against the war in Chechnya, some Nazis attacked me and almost killed, there were about 20-25 people, for me it ended up in quite a sad way – I was taken to hospital and diagnosed a brain contusion with hemorrhage, craniocerebral injury and a number of other problems. Unfortunately, I have not received any adequate treatment at an early stage of the illness, so, a few years later my health condition started deteriorating dramatically.

In 10 years I started having a strong health deterioration, I almost can’t work because of constantly being treated. Twice a year I have to get treatment in various hospitals and clinics and, generally speaking, I feel myself much worse.

The treatment I need to get is very expensive (more than €2-3 thousand per year) and, due to my lack of funds, I can only pay a small part of the treatment. Sometimes I’ve received financial support from various anti-fascist initiatives and, of course, that was very important and helpful for me. Now I'm in need of assistance and that’s why I can’t provide myself with the essential treatment. I would be very grateful if you could help me somehow.

More details:

My name is Oleg Serebrennikov; I live in Russia, Izhevsk. I am an anti-fascist and human rights activist, also writing on social affairs. I need help because I have serious health problems because of having been engaged in human rights and anti-fascist work in my town.

I advised social activists and ordinary citizens on their rights and freedoms violated by the police, organized workshops telling how to behave themselves with the police offices.

I also organized various street antifascist activities (demonstrations, public protests, rallies), as well as cultural events: an anti-fascist film club, a socialist cinema club at the University of Izhevsk, also carried out different activities related to feminism, social and environmental issues.

As a journalist, I overviewed local right-wing organizations and groups, denouncing their crimes against the citizens, I also informed people about the illegal activities of such groups.

After having started my human rights activities, I faced a problematic situation with the representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs and neo-Nazis groups.

On 23 February 2004 after a protest against the war in Chechnya, I was attacked by some 20 neo-Nazis armed with iron rods, canes and knives. I was severely beaten, received a serious head injury and spent several hours unconscious.

Then I spent more than 3 months in different hospitals, but the problems related to the brain injury didn’t disappear. Some neo-Nazis who participated in the attack came to “visit” me in a hospital several times, threatening that they would kill me if I didn’t fail to investigate the case.

In the hospital I was diagnosed a severe brain contusion - a brain hurt and a hemorrhage. One of the attackers was Jan Krasnovski – a grandson of the famous Soviet small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov (AK-47). His powerful relatives pressured the doctors and did everything they could to prevent me from receiving an appropriate treatment.

So, because of the poor quality of the initial treatment, my health problems became chronic. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been suffering terrible headaches, dizziness, disability of some brain functions (poor attention and memory, amnesia), weakness and fatigue. Such ordinary things like going shopping or walking now are tiresome and tedious for me. Due to the constant psychological pressure from the police and neo-Nazis (surveillance, telephone tapping, opening falsified criminal cases against me), I’ve got a severe depression.

For 10 years following the injury I’ve been treated 2-3 times a year in different hospitals and clinics of Izhevsk but my health is still seriously deteriorated. Due to the fact that I constantly have to be under treatment in hospitals and need medical care, I’m not able to have a permanent job and pay for the treatment.

In 2007 I investigated the assassination of anti-fascist activist Stanislav Korepanov committed by neo-Nazis in Izhevsk in the spring of 2007.

I collected data and photos of Nazi attackers and then, with the help of lawyers, I passed this information to the investigating authorities. Then, this data was used for arresting 2 people and prosecuting about 20 neo-Nazis. That was why the local neo-Nazis decided to call a group of their comrades from other cities to kill me. I was threatened over the phone and waited at my workplace. I reported the circumstances to the police but it refused to deal with that. Therefore, I had to leave the city for a few months.

After that, there were some more intents to attack me, but I somehow managed to defend myself.

In the last few years, there has been an increase in their activities: in 2010, a group of neo-Nazis tried to set fire to the apartment where my family and I live. They painted swastikas and the phrase "Oleg, you're dead" in the entrance hall of my apartment. They also shot the window of my apartment and threw some burning object to the balcony. It was by chance that no one was hurt during that attack: I could smell the fire and called the fire department.

After that, I submitted a complaint to the police and asked to institute proceedings against the Nazis that were trying to set fire to my apartment. The case was initiated, I recognized that the arsonists were neo-Nazis, but the police didn’t handle it properly and no one was imprisoned. The police officers gave me a hint that they were not especially interested in the investigation of that case.

In the summer of 2011 a group of neo-Nazis threw stones at the windows of my apartment, I definitely recognized a group of local neo-Nazis, but the police didn’t initiate any proceeding.

On 15 October 2012 - a group of neo-Nazis once again threw stones to my window, it was broken but the police only came in 2 hours, although I called them immediately. I told the police officers having seen a man who had thrown the stones, he was known as a neo-Nazi activist. However, the police again did nothing.

After that the threats from neo-Nazis continued.

Since 2004 - 2015 the local police has been trying to initiate fake criminal investigations against me. However, they were not sent to court and were closed for lack of evidence.

It was in 2013 – 2014 when the police initiated a criminal proceeding against me one more time, imputing to me having been the organizer and coordinator of the financial activities of the antifascist movement in Izhevsk. The matter is that anti-fascist movement by definition can’t be a criminal organization but the police did not care about that. Then, as usual, the criminal proceedings were stopped because of the lack of evidence and the required complainant’s testimonies.

Since the neo-Nazis attack in 2004, I have to be hospitalized 2 o 3 times a year. Unfortunately, my health is constantly deteriorating, so I’m almost not able to work.

The treatment I need to get is very expensive (more than €2-3 thousand per year) and, due to my lack of funds, I can only pay a small part of the treatment. Sometimes I’ve received financial support from various anti-fascist initiatives and, of course, that was very important and helpful for me. Now I'm in need of assistance and that’s why I can’t provide myself with the essential treatment. I would be very grateful if you could help me somehow.

If you want to ask any questions or anything to clarify, please write to e-mail

Best regards,

Oleg Serebrennikov

Bank account details:

Bank account holder: Oleg Serebrennikov

Address of the account holder: 21 - Apt.124, 10 Let Oktyabrya Str., Izhevsk, 426011, Russia.

Account number: 40817978608040002069 (Euro)

Bank name and address: Alfa-Bank, 27 Kalanchevskaya Str, Moscow, 107078, Russian Federation


Correspondent Bank of Benificiary's Bank:

COMMERZBANK AG, Franfurt am Main


Acc. With corresp / Bank № 400886894501EUR

List of the most important drugs without treatment in hospitals and consulting fees of doctors and research the state of the brain

1. Tserebralizin (for medicine droppers) - 1500 rubles per 1 pack of 1 drip, a course must be 15 droppers, 3 courses per year = 1500 * 15 * 3 = 67500rub (about 1,150 euros)

2. Aktovegin (for medicine droppers) - 600-700rub 1 a pack, a course need 3 packs of 3 courses per year = 650 * 3 * 3 = 5850rub (about 90 euros)

3. Cerepro (for shots) - 500 rubles per pack, a course pack of 3, 3 year and year = 500 * 3 * 3 = 4500rub (75 euros)

4. Magne B6 pills - Magne B6 - Sanofi-Aventis / France - 650 rubza pack, 4 packs per month, treatment 6 months = 650 * 4 * 6 = 15,600 rubles (about 250 euros)

5. Venlafaxine - 850 rubles per pack, one pack a month course of treatment 12 months = 850 * 12 = 10,200 rubles (170 euros)

6. Vazobral - 1150 rubles per pack, 1 pack per month, 3 months of treatment and 3 months per year * 6 = 1150 = 6900 rubles (110 euros)

7. Cortexin (shots) - 1 pack of 1 course of treatment must be 3 courses of treatment per year = 1200 * 3 = 3600 (EUR 60)

8. Mexidol (shots) - 1 pack per course of treatment, 3 courses of treatment per year = 1700 * 3 = 5100 rubles (85 euros)

9. Nootropil - 1 pack for 1 month, 6 months of treatment per year = 300 * 6 = 1800rub (30 euros)

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Gibt es eine Möglichkeit den geschilderten Fall zu verifizieren oder könnte es ein dreister Fake sein?

Sollte der geschilderte Fall stimmen, wäre konkrete Solidarität mir ein Herensanliegen.

Könnten vielleicht Organisationen mit Russland das überprüfen?

Ein Fall für die Rote Hilfe oder Ähnliches?

Solidarische Grüße!

Scheinbar gibt es tatsächlich einen russischen Antifaschisten namens Oleg Serebrennikov.


Es wäre trotzdem gut, wenn Jemensch diesen Fall verifizieren könnte.

Einen Genossen in dieser Situation dürfen wir nicht allein lassen.

Ich kann leider nix verifizieren, aber ich habe wenigstens diesen Link hier gefunden, der zu einem gewissen Youth Human Rights Movement führt, von dem ich noch nie gehört habe, aber es berichtet jedenfalls von dem Naziterror gegen Oleg. Dieses Movement hat laut Website übrigens in Berlin einen Ableger. Oleg hat demnach 2010 wegen des Naziterrors bei einem gewissen Kama Human Rights Center Hilfe gesucht (eine Telefonnummer ist angegeben). Ich habe auch noch nie von diesem Menschenrechtszentrum gehört und auch nix im Netz gefunden. Aber es könnte zumindest eine Spur sein.


Hier der ganze Text:



In Udmurtia neo-Nazis tried to set fire to an apartment of Izhevsk antifascist




May 23 after 2 am Udmurt followers of Nazi ideology tried to set apartment door on fire, which is home to a famous anti-fascist activist Oleg Serebrennikov.

As activist told, neo-Nazis have made 11 shots from airguns in the balcony glass of his apartment, then they threw to the balcony burning old matter and paper. Fire damaged the things lying on the balcony, and caused severe smoke in the apartment. Fearing for his life and the lives of his relatives, Oleg Serebrennikov called firefighters.

In addition, the entrance walls were spray-painted by Nazi symbols and various threats to life and health of civil society activist. Oleg Serebrennikov filed a statement to the police with a request to find people committed arson and made threatening graffiti in entrance, and initiate a criminal case against them. He also turned to the Kama Human Rights Center to protect his interests.


Press-secretary of Kama Human Rights Center

Natalia Chaban

8-3412-71-44-57, 8-3412-71-44-57

8-950-81-881-94, 8-950-81-881-94

In der Hate Crime Studie der Stiftung EVZ zu Russland wird Oleg auf Seite 17 erwähnt

Iam sorry for my very bad deutch.


Dies ist keine Provokation, und nicht fake, es ist eine wahre Geschichte, die mir passiert. Mein Name ist Oleg Serebrennikov. Ich war eigentlich im Jahr 2004 etwa 20 Neonazis angegriffen wurde ich schwer verletzt Gehirn, drei Monate, nachdem er im Krankenhaus war und dann habe ich immer in Krankenhäusern und Kliniken 2-3 mal im Jahr in Izhevsk (Republik Udmurtien) behandelt werden.

mehr als 10 Jahren (2001-12), war ich sehr aktiv in der antifaschistischen Aktivisten Gruppenkoordinator der Autonomen Aktion Izhevsk (Regionalgruppe Autonome Bewegung Autonome Aktion). Ich aktiv an der antifaschistischen Kampfes, sprach bei Kundgebungen, Akitsu Protest gegen die neoliberale Politik in Russland, der Privatisierung und Kommerzialisierung von Bildung und Medizin in Russland. Auch verschiedene kulturelle Veranstaltungen - Screenings offline Cinema Club an der Universität Izhevsk und hilft Obdachlosen in Izhevsk, studierte mit Tierheim "Katze und Hund". Ich habe eine andere Sitzung und Vortrag über Antifaschismus sozialen Kämpfen und Beratung für Aktivisten zu verhalten die Polizei suchte nach Aktivisten und Anwälte beschreibt den Fall des Angriffs Nazi-Angriff ein Zeitungsjournalist, wo Arbeit.

Im Mai 2010 Neonazis versuchten Brand meiner Wohnung und schrieb das ganze Haus verschiedene faschistische Graffiti und Drohungen, mich zu töten, es in der Nacht passiert ist. Ich ging zur Polizei, dass die Polizei ein Strafverfahren gegen etih Neonazis geöffnet, aber die Polizei weigerte sich, ein Strafverfahren gegen die Nazis zu initiieren. Strafverfahren auf Brandstiftung und Morddrohungen wurde nur geöffnet, wenn ich wandte sich an den Menschenrechtszentrum Prikamsky (Menschenrechtsorganisation hilft Bürgern Izhevsk). In der Mitte des Kama hat eine gesetzliche Rechtsmittel in Izhevsk Polizei und das Strafverfahren eingeleitet wurde, aber es ist so etwas und nicht beendet ist, sagte mir, die Polizei, dass sie nicht wollen, etwas zu untersuchen, weil ich gegen die Polizei und gegen den Staat handeln.

Hier sind Links zu den russischen über die Wohnung Brandstiftung im Jahr 2010:

Die Website der Autonomen Aktion  immer noch meine Kontakte als Mitglied dieser Organisation, ich war dort ein Koordinator für die Region Ural.

Im Jahr 2012 habe ich stark verschlechtert Zustand meiner Gesundheit, ich kann nicht aktiv antifaschistischen Kampf zu führen, ich die Organisation Autonome Aktion verließ wegen Krankheit. Nun meine Gesundheit wird immer schlimmer, ich brauche immer Medikamente nehmen und erhalten Behandlung in Krankenhäusern in Izhevsk, ich habe wirklich Hilfe und Solidarität brauchen.


Die Rote Hilfe als meine Berufung, aber immer noch kann mir nicht helfen, aus einem unbekannten Grund. Ich brauche Hilfe, ich brauche das Geld für die Behandlung.

Leider, trotz der Tatsache, dass ich wandte sich an die antifaschistischen und antikapitalistischen verschiedenen Organisationen in Europa und dvzheniya mich, während niemand will, um zu helfen, ist es sehr traurig für mich.

Wenn Sie noch Fragen haben, mir eine E-Mail zu senden


Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn zumindest jemand versucht, mich in der schwierigen Zeit meines Lebens zu helfen und solidarisierte sich mit mir, denn ich war und bin eine antifaschistische und postaradal wegen ihrer politischen Ansichten und eine aktive antifaschistische politische Arbeit 

This is not a provocation, and not fake, it's a true story that happened to me. My name is Oleg Serebrennikov. I was actually in 2004, about 20 neo-Nazis attacked, I was seriously wounded brain, three months after it was in the hospital and then I always have to be treated in hospitals and clinics 2-3 times a year in Izhevsk (Republic of Udmurtia).

Duringi more than 10 years (2001-12), I was very active in the anti-fascist activist group coordinator of Autonomous Action Izhevsk (regional group of autonomists movement Autonomous Action). I actively participated in the anti-fascist struggle, spoke at rallies, Akitsu protest against neo-liberal policies in Russia, privatization and commercialization of education and medicine in Russia. Also held various cultural events - screenings offline Cinema Club at the University of Izhevsk, helping homeless people in Izhevsk, studied using animal shelter "Cat and Dog". I conducted various meetings and lectures on anti-fascism of social struggle and make recommendations on how to behave activists by the police have been looking for lawyers and activists described the cases of attacks Nazi attack in the newspaper where he worked as a journalist.

In May 2010, neo-Nazis attempted arson of my apartment and wrote the whole house various fascist graffiti and threats to kill me, it happened at night. I went to the police that the police opened a criminal case against etih neo-Nazis, but the police refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the Nazis. Criminal case on arson and threats of murder was opened only when I turned to the Human Rights Center Prikamsky (human rights organization helps citizens of Izhevsk). In the center of the Kama made a legal appeal in Izhevsk police and the criminal case was initiated, but it is so anything and has not ended, the police told me that they do not want to investigate anything because I am acting against the police and against the state.

Here are links to the Russian about the apartment arson in 2010: (local city paper )

The site of Autonomous Action still have my contacts as a member of this organization, I was there a coordinator for the region Urals.

In 2012, I have sharply deteriorated state of my health, I can not actively conduct anti-fascist struggle, I left the organization Autonomous Action due to illness. Now my health is getting worse, I always need to take medication and receive treatment in hospitals in Izhevsk, I really need help and solidarity.

The Rote Hilfe considered my appeal, but still can not help me for some unknown reason. I really need some help, I really need the money for treatment.


Unfortunately, despite the fact that I turned to the anti-fascist and anti-capitalist various organizations and movements in Europe and while nobody wants to help, it is very sad for me. 
I would be very happy if at least someone tried to help me in the difficult period of my life and showed solidarity with me, because I was and am an anti-fascist and had big problems with health  because of their political views and an active anti-fascist political