Leipzig: Real estate company targeted and several luxury vehicles torched

LE: Angriff auf die GRK Holding GmbH 1

In the night of 20th-21st January 2015, we attacked during a targeted action the whole fleet of vehicles of the multi-million euro real estate speculators GRK Holding in the southern-centre of Leipzig, and with this we delivered flames to four vehicles. The real estate company referenced is one of the largest long-term profiteers of gentrification in Leipzig. Spread throughout the city, the big company projects are either under construction or have already been completed. The systematic terror against the tenants is still high on the agenda, such as gentrification ensuing the cheaply purchased property renders Leipzig more attractive for people with a higher monthly income.

“Founded since 1991, GRK-Holding AG manages and leases, exclusively and qualitatively, high-end properties in and around Leipzig.”


This is enough reason to show these dear ladies and gentlemen that their actions don’t remain without a response. This took place whilst we deposited incendiaries to four vehicles parked in front of the headquarters of the company and a truck parked in the yard, four vehicles and a carport in the flames of our hatred.

The car, reportedly pushed into the street, was parked beside another car when the incendiary device was ignited. It’s not the first time a car starts to move a bit after going up in flames. And it’s all the more gratifying when it interferes with the fire fighting operations and thereby adding to the damage.

By organizing Charity Golfing the GRK Holding GmbH [limited liability company] tries to put itself into a positive light and buy a clean conscience. During Charity Golfing a rich and elitist mob celebrate themselves and some of them donate a fraction of their fortune together with other big businesses to a good cause. The event will run again under the patronage of Burkhard Jung (SPD [Social Democratic Party of Germany]), the mayor of the city of Leipzig. He’s trying to promote himself and present the GRK Holding GmbH as a nonprofit social enterprise, but making people on lower incomes lose their housing tells a different tale. It seems that Jung tries to pacify leftist areas by use of gentrification and by pushing out the people who live there, to create space for persons that fit into his world view and to feel secure in his home in Connewitz. A security as make-believe and fake as the claim of the GRK Holding GmbH to be socially committed.

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