International call-out for antifa support/solidarity in Coulogne near to Calais France

The No Borders Group in Calais are calling out for immediate international solidarity from antifa groups around Europe, and desperately need support and numbers to help prevent a rising number of fascist attacks.


For the past few days, a farmhouse which was squatted in Coulogne (a small town neighboring Calais) by some locals who are friends of No borders group here has been under constant attack by fascist elements in the city. A group of fascists (sometimes numbering as much as 50 persons) has stationed itself outside the front of the house, the group consistently throw rocks at the roof, windows, and building, follow and intimidate people coming and going from the house, and have threatened an escalation of violence. Tomorrow (Feb 21) they will hold a demonstration outside the squat, which we expect may result in an escalation in attacks.


We are calling on anyone able to join us in Calais and help to resist these attacks by fascists. If possible, please bring your friends/a group.

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