Texts in English – November 2013

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02.11.2013 The fascist threat beyond Golden Dawn
02.11.2013 Refugee Support Day
03.11.2013 Refugee Protest needs your support!
04.11.2013 Kevin ends hunger strike - The book ban has been lifted
05.11.2013 Anarchists in Egypt, will the real Black Bloc please stand up?
07.11.2013 Today in 1947: The National Security Act is signed into law
07.11.2013 Griechischer Staatsrundfunksender ERT geräumt & weitere Repression - Solidarity4all ruft zu internationalen Solidaritätsdemonstrationen am 9.11. auf
07.11.2013 Initiative in Rememberance of Oury Jalloh: Press Conference
09.11.2013 Animallaboratory is shut down after riots and animal liberation!
09.11.2013 Animalliberationactivist Tyler Lang released from prision!
11.11.2013 Siempre Antifascista: enough is enough
11.11.2013 [Warschau] Video. Antifa Flashmob zum 9. Nov.
12.11.2013 linksunten server problems
12.11.2013 Israel is not a reference: occupation, colonization and apartheid are not our model for Catalonia
13.11.2013 Coprolalia on Syria, European pseudo-Leftists, and Žižek
14.11.2013 In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking
14.11.2013 Tierbefreiungsaktivist Kevin O. drohen bis zu 6 Jahre Gefängnis!!!
14.11.2013 R94 – Chronology of the repression
15.11.2013 Brutal Assault on Sushma Ramtekke,undertrial political prisoner by Byculla District Prison staff and officials
15.11.2013 Further ALF-raid in brasil!!! Animal-Liberation again!
16.11.2013 Bavarian police: one activist arrested
19.11.2013 (B) Invitation: Open Meeting for Self Organisation
21.11.2013 Is Canada Guilty of War Crimes?
21.11.2013 Clashes and occupations during the Italian-French Summit in Rome
21.11.2013 Clashes in Rome over high speed rail link
23.11.2013 Methods of work of secret service
23.11.2013 Public Enemies - NSA and their companies
23.11.2013 Activists of Refugee Protest Assembly and Public Space are on Trial in Offenburg, Erfurt, Berlin
24.11.2013 Ultras in Egypt: state, revolution, and the power of public space (Part I)
26.11.2013 animal liberation activists attaced 50 aimes in Russia, Georgia and Armenia
26.11.2013 Ultras in Egypt: state, revolution, and the power of public space (Part II)
27.11.2013 Appeal from anarchist comrades concerning Typhoon Yolanda (Philippines)
28.11.2013 The Need Of The Dream In The Struggle... (Syria)